Real Estate Notes: Where They Come From, How to Buy or Sell One, and Where they Go When they Die

*smiling to myself* … where did that last part of the title come from?  -___-   Not enough coffee yet??  When notes die I guess it means either they stopped “performing”… got tired of that little monthly dance, or they got completely paid off and you’re sitting there with capital to reinvest.

Before I get too deep into some meandering idea, I’m just going to post this 12 minute video I created for the October issue of a new Apple Newsstand magazine: REI Wealth Magazine, available through an iPad app.  And because I just got an iPad last month, I actually know what that means, which is progress.

I usually don’t create original content for anyone besides myself, but I was captivated by not only the quality of the content and contributors, but the clean, professional design.  Someone’s good with graphics and layout over there.  It looks “cool”.