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Make Better Seller Financing Offers | David Olds

seller financing

I need to get over myself and make better seller financing offers. Unlike some of my peers, I’ve been squeamish about not offering a down payment. Probably because I know it makes the seller’s note less valuable if they ever need to sell it.

But I know I won’t scam the person, or quit paying, so it shouldn’t be my job to worry if they’d just rather defer all of their capital gains and get the highest possible price.

I buy properties in a way that they will cash flow regardless of market conditions, so I’m going to get bold and start offering $0 down just to see what happens. With that, I can give the seller their price, or more!

My interview with David Olds of was filled with lots of little gems. I listened to it more than once myself!! I also bought his course “3OFFERS2FREEDOM” just for a refresher on the basics, and it’s been very good. Where I really need reminders is in how to slow down and talk with people in simple terms, in a way that they can understand.

There are many people who have no trouble offering $0 down, and I’m committed to making better seller financing offers. I may not get it, but no reason not to try!! And you can bet I’ll get a First Right of Refusal to buy my own note at a discount, to boot!

That’s how you get two deals out of one 😉

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