Landlords &
Property Owners:

Curious about
Owner Financing?

It’s time for you to do less & get MORE from your investments with owner financing

15 min Discovery Sessions are designed to help you determine if seller financing is right for you and which strategies will work best. Skip the discovery and go for a 1-hour >>DEEP DIVE<< if you’re ready to get granular, avoid rookie mistakes, and end up with a note worth holding or selling. 

Ready to get high-value support for your property transactions?

As a property owner, you already know that buying & managing income-producing property is one of the best ways to create wealth.

But lately you’ve considered selling your property, and are wondering if owner financing might be the best course of action.

Weary Landlord? Avoid rookie mistakes by choosing the Note Queen as your owner financing expert

Weary Landlord?

You’re tired of managing… tenant & maintenance problems are turning your “passive income dream” into an absolute nightmare

Need cash? Owner financing might be the right option for you

Need Cash?

Lately your investment is eating you instead of feeding you, and you could really use an injection of capital and some truly hassle-free income

sell owner financing

Looking to Sell?

If you want to sell quickly for the highest price possible, you need to advertise ‘owner will carry’… you’ll have buyers scrambling

OR maybe one of these rings a bell...

You'll carry a note but you need more cash...

You need more money than the buyer has for a down payment, but you don't want to take a big discount

You want to defer capital gains...

Your goal is to maximize your income for retirement and you’re passionate about leaving behind a great inheritance. The idea of writing the IRS a massive check makes you sick to your stomach!

You don’t know enough about owner-financed transactions to comfortably move forward...

You’ve learned just enough to know that a critical mistake could blindside you down the road. You wonder if this will work even if you still have a mortgage… (short answer is: yes!)

You’re not getting the right support...

You realize that while your attorney, accountant or broker may understand how to walk you through a seller-financed transaction, unless they actively buy and sell notes for their own portfolio, they have absolutely no idea what your note would be worth if you (or your heirs) ever needed to sell it for cash…

You can see the writing on the wall…

Federal moratoriums on eviction and foreclosure, skyrocketing property taxes and insurance, and the creeping sprawl of rent control. In fact, sometimes it almost seems as if there’s an all out war on personal property rights, so you figure now’s a good time to roll out of real estate holdings and reposition.

Owner financing (also referred to as 'seller financing') is a powerful way to address ALL of these issues and get full priced offers for your property in any market.

Did you know… you’re likely to earn MORE income as a lender than as a landlord?

Wouldn’t you rather have smart, safe, hassle free investments that let you relax, travel, and enjoy life?

If you’re here, it means you’re already considering owner financing as a way to get more value (and pay less tax) on your property, but you aren’t sure where to start or how to approach the transaction.

That’s where I come in.

From Nurse to Notes: Meet Your Guide

My name is Dawn, your go-to expert for seller / owner financing & real estate notes.

I’ve been using owner financing to buy and sell real estate since 2002. In 2009, I started buying other peoples’ notes as well. Managing a real estate and note portfolio over the years has provided me with stable, hassle free income, and invaluable experience. 

I’m a seasoned veteran shall we say. I’ve learned to avoid and mitigate risk, and deal effectively with the problems that can and do occur from time to time. 

Although I come from a nursing background (graduated as an RN and worked in the ICU & ER) I’m a total nerd at heart who fell in love with my financial calculator, and I’ve never looked back.

I loved saving lives in the emergency room, but found my true passion in helping people like you create financial solutions that didn’t rely on big banks or mortgage companies.

You know… the big banks have whole underwriting departments to make sure they make safe loans and end up with a note they can sell to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. 

Regular Mom ‘n Pop sellers usually don’t even know that they CAN sell their note, much less how to package it up for sale. That’s why you need your very own personal underwriting department… that would be me. 

The guidance I provide my clients reflects core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

My desire to serve others gives me a unique perspective on how to engineer transactions that benefit everyone involved, equitably balancing risk and reward.

Are you ready to take the next step and secure your financial future?

Here’s what you can expect from an hour together…

Prevent Information Overload

My goal is to not suffocate you with information, but to skyrocket your confidence and save loads of time by teaching you only what you need to know.

Custom-Tailored Strategies

I only recommend the safest, time-tested strategies that apply perfectly to your unique situation. I bring you the insider knowledge that sophisticated investors use every day.

Clarity & Peace of Mind

So many ideas have been swirling around in your head, and you haven’t been sure what to do. Together we will quickly determine the most sensible and lucrative course of action for you to take.

Long-Term Financial Security

Know the exact value of your proposed note BEFORE you create it, providing long-term value to your heirs and beneficiaries, protecting them from headaches and hassles down the road.

Notes secured by real estate are the safest, most coveted investments in the market today. 

Let’s work together to turn your real estate investment (property) into an even better one, a note (paper) that provides passive, secure income for years to come.

Ready to get the support you need to maximize your income potential through owner financing?