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Jan. 2018 - Negotiating Seller Carry Terms

Nov. 2017 - Reno Renovation Generates $30,000+ in Profits

Oct. 2017 - Daisy Chain… Seller Financing to Cash, Step and Repeat

Sept. 2017 - Avoid the wealth vampires on Washington and Wall Street, create and buy notes

Aug 2017 - How to buy property and paper in the same transaction? 

July 2017 - New Case Study: Buying 'Subject-to'

June 2017 - How to train your hard money broker to buy notes?

May 2017 - How to help capital starved sellers avoid discounted wholesale and cash offers, all through owner financing!!!

April 2017 - Buying out joint venture partner with seller financing.

March 2017 - Discover How the Note Queen Leverages Craigslist for Finding Great Investments.

February 2017 - Don't Calculate Yield Before Doing This First!

January 2017 - How can we set up the note to be sold for minimum discount if the note investor is looking for a 12% yield?

December 2016 - 23 Year Old Creates Owner Financing Wealth, with Zero of his Own Capital!!!

November 2016 - Common dilemma owner finance investors often face, and how to overcome it?

October 2016 -  Package Deal Consisting of Manufactured house, Barn and Five acres of land

September 2016 - Member deal review on a Single-Wide Mobile Home Note

August 2016 - Quit Trying to Broker - Private Money Partners Can Shoot Your Note Business Through the Roof 

July 2016 - Using Owner Financing and Notes for Massive Cash Flow in a Mobile Home Park

June 2016 - How Real Estate Rehabbers & Flippers Can Buy Cheap and Still Maximize Profits

May 2016 - Lending Money for Super Profits 

April 2016 - Why longer term discounted notes can be more profitable than short-term lending

February 2016 - How to Buy a Good Discounted Note and Make it Even Better

January 2016 - Buying Re-Performing Notes and Granting a Buyback Option

October 2015 - Email from a Note Seller

October 2015 - Guest Interview: Kathy Malcolm

September 2015 - Calculating Top ROI for New Seller Financing Origination Deal 

August 2015 - Local Real Estate Investment Group Produced $40K Joint Venture

July 2015 - Maximum ROI through New Homeowners with Owner Financing

June 2015 - How to Maximize Uneven Cash Flow with Owner Financing

May 2015 - Getting Top Dollar for an Investment Property with Owner Financing

February 2015 - Using a Land Trust to Offer Owner Financing

January 2015 - Owner Carry and Notes Provide the Dream of Ownership - Landlord Shifts to Paper

December 2014 - Seller Carry with Partial Sales of Notice

November 2014 - Colorado Property Seller will Carry Paper, But Needs Cash

October 2014 - How Terms of the Note Radically Affects Its Value

September 2014 - How NOT to Buy a Non-Performing Note - Sometimes Mistakes are the Best Teachers

August 2014 - Thinking About Buying The House I'm Renting With Owner Financing

July 2014 - 5 Ways To Make Money Once You Have A Note Under Contract

June 2014 - Making A Difficult Private Loan Work With An AITD

May 2014 - Exploding A Small Self-Directed IRA 

April 2014 - Figuring Out What To Pay for An Uneven Cash Flow

March 2014 - Trouble Shooting A Divorce Scenario With Private Money & Land Trusts

February 2014 - Buy With Owner Financing

December 2013 - Discounted Note Business Helps Real Estate Buyers

November 2013 - A Note Broker Finder Brought Me This Deal To Buy

October 2013 - Buying A Second With Additional Collateral

September 2013 - Transaction Review & Calculator Practice

August 2013 - Variations In Structuring An Owner Financed Transaction And How It Affects The Value Of The Note

July 2013 - Two Examples of Just How Easy It Can Be To Start Investing In Notes

June 2013 - A Trail Of Documents For Buying, Brokering And Investing In Notes

May 2013 - Transaction Review & Calculator Practice

April 2013 - How You Can Make 140% Returns On Buying Notes With Only $2,100 Out Of Your Own Pocket

March 2013 - Investor Wants To Buy Out Their Partner In A Condo - Falls Apart When She Needs Her Name Off The Primary Mortgage

February 2013 - Member Spotlight: OFC Member Wonders If He Should Buy This Land Note

February 2013 - Crunching The Numbers: Owner Carry With Note Sale VS. Sale Lease Back With Option 

January 2013 - Ways To Get One Beneficiary Their $20,000 - Maybe Taking Assignment Of The Rents??

December 2012 - To Drop The Price Or Sell On Terms With A Simo Note Sale? The Quandary Of Many A Real Estate Investor... 

November 2012 - Passive Income Out Of Thin Air - Infinity Return With Owner Financing Wrap

October 2012 - Buying The Note To Allow A 2031 Exchange - Customizing Cash Flow For The Buyer

September 2012 - Investing In The Interest Only VS. Amortizing Notes - The Surprise Upside To Discounted Notes

August 2012 - Owner Financing With Simo Note Sale VS. Hard Money

July 2012 - The 1st 2nd Deed Of Trust I've Ever Bought - How To Calculate A Partial

June 2012 - Representing Buyers That Need Terms; Performing But Under Water Notes

May 2012 - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing... Non-Performing Notes Disguised As Performing Assets

April 2012 - Will You Buy 70% LTV Notes? Maybe... Is It A Loan, Or An Owner Carry Back?

March 2012 - See How We Made This Partial Note Purchase Work

January 2012 - Learning To Love Your Financial Calculator - Different Kind Of Transaction Reviews

November 2011 - Why Notes, Why Now - Paperwork Trail For Buying A Note - Safe Act Dodd Frank

August 2011- Note Checklist

August 2011 - Simultaneous Note Sale Can Get Real Estate Investors A 73% Return

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