Owner Financing Club for Realtors – Membership Training Program

Many Realtors are routinely walking away from commissions and other profit opportunities by not understanding and being able to comfortably and competently navigate owner financing.

With conventional bank financing very difficult (if not impossible) for some buyers and properties to qualify for, owner financing strategies are an increasingly important tool for closing transactions and collecting commissions. Especially when so many sellers are stuck on price!

Don’t let your clients say this about you:

“Why didn’t my agent tell me about owner financing?  I’ve been hanging out on the market for 18 months!” 

 OR . . .

“I asked my agent if they knew anyone who could help us structure the seller carry back note, and they said they didn’t.  Now I’m finding I can’t sell my note at all, and I am REALLY upset!

Can you say…. LIABILITY?!

Even if you feel comfortable enough with owner financing to use it to help your clients sell their property, did you tell them they could sell their note?  That’s an important piece of information, don’t you think?  Not only for your client, but for you!

I’ll give you a 25% referral fee when I am able to buy a note that you refer to me.  That usually amounts to .5 – 1% of the balance of the note.  So, if one of your clients has a $200,000 note that I am successful in purchasing, you will receive between $1,000 – $2,000, just for making the introduction!  And your clients will thank you for it!

“Wow Dawn!  That was an awesome class today.  Your info was so great and delivered in a way that even a newbie could Tracey Thomasunderstand.  Thanks again for coming and putting on such a great ‘show’. 

I wish more agents understood the possibilities about owner financing… it’s one of the only exciting things left in Real Estate. ~ Tracey Thomas, Broker at Keller Williams Northridge

Do you have a:

  • buyer that can’t qualify?
  • listing that won’t sell?
  • listing getting ready to expire?
  • transaction falling out of escrow?

You need to understand and be able to talk to your clients about

owner financing.  

Before you walk away from your clients and your commissions, bring us in for an evaluation while you get yourself this must have training for today’s real estate professional.

We can help you:

  • Resurrect and close a “dead” transaction
  • Get your sellers to feel better about offering terms
  • Show them how to get cash even when they carry
  • Make sure they know all the different ways to defer capital gains
  • Limit your liability (we know what it takes to create a strong note that will sell!)

It’s no secret that even highly qualified buyers are unable to get bank loans. This is an ideal environment for the intelligent creation of seller financed real estate notes.

Some property owners intentionally carry paper as part of their estate and retirement planning, but many would rather have all cash. They just can’t get it…or can they?  

A properly structured note can be sold for cash within as little as 1-6 months IF…

  • The transaction is engineered properly
  • The note documents are accurate and complete
  • We thoroughly underwrite the buyer and assemble the portfolio of documents that will allow the seller to successfully sell their note

With our expertise and understanding of the secondary market for real estate notes, sellers, buyers and their agents can close quickly and easily and still get everything they need.

Real estate brokers are in a unique position to close more transactions when they educate sellers about the benefits of seller financing and assist in the creation of well-structured notes.

Knowing how to comfortably and competently navigate owner financing could

change your business overnight!

“But wait” I can almost hear you saying.  “Most of my clients don’t own their real estate free and clear… they have loans against their properties!  So owner financing doesn’t work in those situations, right?”


There are several strategies for leaving existing financing in place for the next buyer, and I’ll teach you how to do it legally, ethically and intelligently, with the smallest possible risk and liability to your license.  Much better than a Lease Option.

Let me introduce you to the Title Holding (Land) Trust, which works well in the majority of states across the country. (Not to say that the traditional ‘wrap’ or AITD wouldn’t be appropriate in some circumstances).

If you’ve got a flexible seller and a strong buyer, you can put your deal together.

Learn How!

So many people feel stuck and helpless and have little hope of achieving their dreams with the way the market is right now.  That makes me sad.  There are so many tools that can help, and investors know about and use them all the time!

I’m dedicated to liberating and empowering mainstream Mom & Pop buyers, sellers and their agents to get what they need regardless of market conditions.

That’s why I’ve put this course together, especially for real estate professionals.  We can work together to improve our own individual economies and help our clients get the competitive edge, protecting them and guiding them with expertise the market is hungry for.

I’ve done one-on-one coaching and consultations with agents, sellers and buyers, and I’m excited to be able to offer this online training to you for a fraction of what I’ve charged them.

You can choose the level of membership that works best for you:

Owner Financing Club – Realtor Course

$37/month for 3 months

Each week for 12 weeks you will gain access to new videos that will deepen your understanding of owner financing and how to apply it to your business.

Besides the training videos and other resources available at Owner Financing Club, for 90 days you will have complimentary access to:

  • monthly Q&A calls that will include training and case studies for you to learn from, so you can increasingly be confident about how you can implement owner financing strategies in your business to make more money
  • email support (for those quick questions)

  • market updates and bulletins affecting owner financing, and changes in note buying and use of land trusts
  • be eligible to receive referrals when I have clients in your area that want to work with a real estate professional who understands owner financing

After 90 days, if you wish to continue having access to the live training calls, case studies, email support and market updates, and you want to remain on my agent referral list, you will have an opportunity to sign up for this ongoing support for the ridiculously low price of $9.97 per month.


You are embarking upon a journey that has the potential to totally overhaul your real estate business.  I’m honored to be your friend and guide during this most interesting time in the market, and I’m dedicated to helping you survive and thrive in it.

Yours truly,


P.S. If you are the broker/manager/owner of a large real estate firm, we can customize a program to offer these services to your entire organization.  One additional closing per month (through the use of intelligent owner financing strategies that limit your liability) will more than pay for the training you provide to your agents.

And don’t forget about the additional revenue that will be generated for your firm through the referral fees I pay when I buy seller financed notes!