Property & Paper Summit 2020

Canceled for 2020

  • Buy Property with Seller Financing: Never Ask a Bank for Permission to Close
  • Sell Property on Terms and Create a Note Worth Holding or Selling
  • How to Turn Owner Carry Paper Into Cash
  • Learn What it Takes to be a Successful Note Broker
  • Get the Truth About Non-Performing Notes
  • Go From Landlord to Lender and Leave Those Tenant Issues Behind
  • Learn How to Invest in Notes and Discover the Secret of Selling off Partials
  • Amplify the Networking by Staying with Us in One of our Lake Front Town Homes!! (see below for more info)

3 Day Summit

October 4th – 7th, 2020

Only 42 Available Seats

Intimate Small Group

Welcome! My name is Dawn Rickabaugh,

though some know me best as the “Note Queen”…I guess it’s sort of a self-proclaimed monarchy. 😉 Through our small, family-operated investment company, I’ve been building a portfolio of seller-financed notes since 2009. I’ve helped many people get started investing in notes along the way. I frequently consult in real estate transactions that involve owner financing, and buy & sell real estate in Nevada (Carson City, Reno-Tahoe area).

When I turned my attention to real estate investing here in my new home town of Carson City, I realized that my knowledge of the note business gave me a competitive edge. I can do things my competitors can’t.

Ignorance of the secondary market for seller carry notes is the achilles heel of real estate investors and professionals, alike. I’d like to help change that. My passion is to liberate & empower investors, buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in today’s market… to help people unplug from Washington and Wall Street and be capable creating financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another.

When you master “the dance between property and paper” you can solve more problems and make more money… and have so much fun serving the people around you!! I used to be an ER nurse, but now, instead of tourniquets and gauze, I use my knowledge of notes to stop the $$ bleeding and maximize financial health.

Basic itinerary is as follows:

  • Sunday, October 4th: check in at 4pm (if you’re staying with us in one of our town homes). The catered dinner networking party starts at 5pm in town home #619 right on the lake!
  • Monday, October 5th: the Summit kicks off at 9am. We’ll usually go from 9-12:30, take a 2-hour lunch, then resume our meeting from 2:30 – 6pm. Most people usually saunter down the beach to Riva Grill to grab dinner, and then resume networking (& after-dinner drinks) in #619
  • Tuesday, October 6th: meeting schedule stays the same… 9-12:30 and 2:30-6. Again, no matter where you decide to have dinner, networking always ends up in #619 as we never seem to run out of booze & people who want to talk, laugh & make deals
  • Wednesday, October 7th: meeting schedule… 9-12 and 1:30-4:00. Lunch is earlier and a bit shorter so we can end by 4pm for those who are catching flights Wednesday evening. But no need to rush, because we have the town homes reserved that night, with check out time being 11am Thursday morning, so hang around if you can! We can always finish up Q&A after hours and spend one final night networking together 😉

This truly is a special event each year and I hope you’ll consider being a part of it.

My best,

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What You Will Get At This Year’s Summit

Once You Understand Owner Financing and Notes, “The Dance Between Property and Paper”, You’ll Have More Options and Opportunities Than You Ever Thought Possible! Here are just a few of them…

Buy & Sell Property with Owner Financing, no Banks or Hard Money

Create & Keep an Effortless Spread, Passive Income out of Thin Air

You Can Sell on Terms and Still Walk Away with Cash!

Make Solid Returns as a Note Buyer or Private Lender

Broker Notes As Well as Real Estate for Grocery Money While you Grow

Non-Performing Notes and Real Stories of How They Work Out

What You Will NOT Get:

  • NO SALES PITCHES. No surprise $25,000+ mentoring programs. This is a solid introduction to seller financing and notes. This is a professional event for professional people.
  • NO INEXPERIENCED INVESTORS who ONLY talk about strategy and theory.
  • NO FENCE SITTERS…. The room will be filled with investors ready to make new relationships and deals. This is a place to associate and network with other note investors, including the Note Queen team.

Property & Paper Summit 2019

On Sale!

Hear What Previous Attendees Have to Say About Property & Paper Summit

Options for Reserving Lodging

Reserving lodging is super easy, simply choose an option below: OPTION 1: There will be a few rooms available to rent in our Lakefront Town Homes at Lakeland Village, 3535 Lake Tahoe Blvd. This is definitely the primo option. You rent a private bedroom but share the rest of the house with other attendees, family style. Most people, even if hesitant, say that this was one of the most powerful experiences of the summit… getting to rub shoulders with speakers and other investors. Ideas are shared, deals are made and lives are changed in unexpected ways. I would encourage you to get up close and personal and grab one while they last!! 

  • Rooms are available for $549 for 4 nights (Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed). Town homes will be stocked with basic breakfast items, snacks & drinks. Choose this option through our site when you purchase your tickets.
  • 1 minute walk to the Property & Paper Summit venue 

OPTION 2: Alternatively, you can make your own private townhome reservation directly within the Lakeland Village complex by calling 855-802-3133.OPTION 3: Make your own reservations at area hotels. Very affordable accommodations can be made at the Travel Inn across the street at 3536 Lake Tahoe Blvd by calling 530-544-2036.

Lakeland Village Resort at Heavenly

3535 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 | 855-802-3133

Resort Accommodations include:

  • LOCAL GAMING & FUN: Enjoy first-class, top-quality casinos; HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO, HARRAH’S LAKE TAHOE, HARVEYS LAKE TAHOE and MONTBLEU RESORT CASINO & SPA, that provide the excitement, and fun that Nevada nightlife is famous for. (Complimentary Shuttle Transportation is available for guests)
  • OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Hiking and bike trails are available for our outdoor lovers!
  • SHOPPING & DINING: 5-minute drive to a wide variety of shopping and dining