Putting Your Deal Together

Whether you’re the Buyer or the Seller in a seller carry back scenario, you’re probably wondering how to put the transaction together in a way that will help maximize your investment, protect you, and meet the objectives of everyone concerned.

It’s good that you’re wondering.

Any mistake you make when you close your transaction can cost you $THOUSAND$ down the road.

If you think you will ever want to sell all or part of any note created, for instance, then it’s absolutely imperative that you structure your transaction in a way that preserves the value of your note in the secondary market. When you’re going to be the bank on your own property, you’d better think like a bank, and put all the paperwork together so you’re sitting water tight no matter what you decide to do.

Escrow companies, title companies, real estate brokers, CPA’s and even attorneys have no idea how to structure the transaction in the most favorable way unless they regularly buy and sell notes.

Just like every other market, the market for secondary trust deeds and mortgages is changing every day. You need to know how to put things together in a way that makes it attractive to note buyers. If I am involved in underwriting the buyer(s) before you close your transaction, then I can pay more for your note.

What you do at the point of note creation will make all the difference.

Have you thought about all the paperwork you go through when you apply for a bank loan? Don’t you think you might want some of these when you’re the one extending credit?

  • Credit report
  • 1003 loan application
  • 4506-T so you can check tax returns down the road
  • Do you need to be worried about RESPA or Truth in Lending requirements?
  • How are you going to make sure the buyer stays on top of property taxes?
  • Is there insurance and are you listed as the Loss Payee?

These are just some of the things that most sellers who carry paper just don’t seem to think about. Seller Financing can be a great tool if used properly.

Even if you’ve decided to use the Title Holding Trust, don’t you want to make sure the various aspects of the contract are negotiated to your benefit?

If you’re the Buyer, don’t you want to know you’ve negotiated the best possible transaction?  Don’t you want to be sure that there’s nothing you haven’t considered that might come back to haunt you?

When Seller and Buyer are at the table, let me help you structure the transaction so you’re protected!  Peace of mind is well worth the price!


The secondary trust deed market is changing almost as fast as the ‘normal’ lending community.

Can you afford to be wrong about what it takes to sell your note on the secondary market?

Protect yourself with a Note Queen Consultation!


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