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Seller financing for property owners

For Property Owners

Have you been thinking about becoming the bank, offering ‘terms’, when you sell your property? Would you rather be a lender than a landlord?

Have you received an offer asking for seller financing and you’re wondering if you should accept it? A Discovery Session might be right for you:

Learn seller financing for real estate agents & brokers

For Real Estate Agents & Investors

Agents: do you have a listing getting ready to expire? A transaction falling apart? A buyer with a big down payment who can’t qualify? I can help rescue your commission!

Active real estate investors: you’re working hard for your leads. Why toss them if they don’t accept your cash offer? Get terms, get paid twice!

Seller financing notes

Need a Quote for Your Note?

If you have a note for sale, I’d love to talk with you. I specialize in custom options that provide you the most value.

Get a Professional Note Appraisal that provides you with third-party verification of the Fair Market Value of your note for: the IRS, your IRA, Estate Planning, Inheritance, etc.

I show property owners how to do less and get more from their real estate investments.

I’m Dawn Rickabaugh, an amateur gardener, professional note buyer and real estate consultant based in Carson City, Nevada.

If you’re here, then you probably already know that buying & managing income-producing property is one of the best ways to create wealth.

However at some point, most people grow tired of managing their properties, or can no longer keep up with them for one reason or another. They’d rather have smart, safe, hassle free investments that let them relax, travel, and enjoy life.

Notes secured by real estate are some of the safest, most coveted investments in the market today.

In fact, many property owners find that they can make more as a lender than they did as a landlord.

Every day weary landlords are using seller financing to turn their property nightmares into income dreams… but it’s got to be done the right way. You don’t want to be blindsided or leave your heirs a headache.

Avoid Rookie Mistakes.
Give Yourself Clarity & Peace of Mind.

This 15-minute session will allow us to quickly determine a course of action that could very possibly  MAKE or SAVE you thousand$$. You’ll walk away with direction and purpose. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get granular, specific, and exact, skip the Discovery and go straight for a 1-hour 


Citizens of the Realm

Deal maker marketing... become a Travis!!

Travis doesn’t know everything about owner financing and notes, but he knows enough to bring me a handful of deals a year. When I close them, he gets paid. Become a Citizen of the Realm to learn the Travis ‘side hustle’.

Or maybe you’re buying for your own portfolio?

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