Dawn Rickabaugh helps people start investing in real estate notes and seller financing
Meet Dawn, the Note Queen

I’m Dawn Rickabaugh, the owner of NQ Capital, Inc., a small, family-operated investment company that buys both property & paper (real estate & notes). I help others get started investing in real estate notes, mortgages & trust deeds.

I mentor, coach and provide paid consulting services for owner-financed real estate transactions. I make sure property sellers know EXACTLY what their note will be worth BEFORE they create it.

As a seasoned note professional, I am uniquely qualified to help sellers create a note worth holding or selling. It’s possible to create a note that can be sold for little to no discount.

**Attorneys, CPAs and brokers often retain my expertise on behalf of their clients 

Creating financial solutions, just one Mom n' Pop to another.

Specializing in alternative closing strategies, I arm my clients and associates with the tools they need to make more money and close more transactions. I am dedicated to liberating & empowering buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in today’s market.

As a writer, educator, speaker, and podcaster, I’ve been interviewed and quoted by influential publications such as Investor’s Business Daily, the WSJ’s MarketWatch, and the National Association of Realtor’s Real Estate Today Radio.

After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I worked for several years in the ICU and ER at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

I now pursue my passion for helping people through a blend of traditional and innovative real estate and note transactions. I have four adult children and hope to have grand babies before too long!

When the banks say NO, we say YES!

Our mission is to offer home buyers, sellers & real estate agents hope and possibility…

I want to show you how to get what you most want and need, whether you’re a seller, buyer, professional or passive cash flow investor.

Forget Washington & Wall Street… they don’t have your best interests at heart. Never ask another bank for permission to close. We all do better when we learn to create financial solutions together, just one Mom n’ Pop to another.

With an inner circle of cherished & trusted co-investors helping to provide capital, I am dedicated to liberating & empowering sellers, buyers and real estate professionals in today’s market.

We're passionate about...

Ethical alternative financing

Alternative financing is here to stay. Let’s use it legally, ethically and intelligently. When someone is investing in real estate notes or choosing seller financing for their property, they are committing to their future success, IF... done properly.

Closing real estate transactions without bank financing

You don’t have to wait on an answer from the bank to get what you want. Sellers… get your property in escrow NOW by advertising Owner Will Carry. Buyers… just because you have self-employment income doesn’t mean you can’t buy the home of your dreams!

Setting weary landlords free

Learn how you can DO LESS and GET MORE by becoming the bank on your own property. Turn your rental portfolio into a portfolio of strong, safe, secure real estate notes for hassle free income so you can rest, relax and enjoy your life!

Helping sellers create paper worth holding or selling

Sure, owner financing will get your property sold for the highest possible price… but does that really help if you end up with a note that isn't worth the paper it's printed on?

Attorneys, agents and title companies can walk you through a seller financed transaction, but unless they regularly buy and sell notes for their own portfolio, they rarely know how to engineer paper that will fetch the highest possible price in the secondary market. Which means you (or your heirs) could end up taking a painful discount.

Empowering the FSBO

Discover little known strategies that give you the BOFS (Best Opportunity For Success).

Showing average investors how to safely get above-average returns

Investing in real estate notes through your Self-Directed IRA or other qualified account can make all the difference. When you invest in notes the right way, you get safe, secure, hassle-free returns.

Helping real estate professionals succeed

What you don’t know about notes and seller financing is costing you listings, sales and closed escrows, and could possibly get you sued. Agents are increasingly being asked to participate in seller financing transactions, yet few have the expertise to navigate it competently. You need to protect your clients and your license.

Helping CPAs and Attorneys provide excellent service

The Installment Sale can powerfully preserve your clients’ wealth and create cash flow, but the transaction must be engineered intelligently. Request a Professional Note Appraisal on any notes currently held in your client's portfolio.

Getting instant cash to note holders

When you need money, you want to be able to sell your note for minimum discount. You don’t have to sell the whole note! Let's create a custom solution.

Want to start investing in real estate notes? Curious about seller financing? Choose your path below:

Seller financing for property owners

For Property Owners

Have you been thinking about becoming the bank, offering ‘terms’, when you sell your property? Would you rather be a lender than a landlord?

Have you received an offer asking for seller financing and you’re wondering if you should accept it? A Discovery Session might be right for you:

Learn seller financing for real estate agents & brokers

For Real Estate Agents & Investors

Agents: do you have a listing getting ready to expire? A transaction falling apart? A buyer with a big down payment who can’t qualify? I can help rescue your commission!

Active real estate investors: you’re working hard for your leads. Why toss them if they don’t accept your cash offer? Get terms, get paid twice!

Seller financing notes

Need a Quote for Your Note?

If you have a note for sale, I’d love to talk with you. I specialize in custom options that provide you the most value.

Get a Professional Note Appraisal that provides you with third-party verification of the Fair Market Value of your note for: the IRS, your IRA, Estate Planning, Inheritance, etc.