Active Investors & Wholesalers:
Maximize your investments through seller financing and real estate notes
Quit Throwing Away Leads!
Active Investors & Wholesalers: Quit Throwing Away Leads!

If you’re not asking for seller financing, you’re bleeding cash.

95% of investors barely scratch the surface of what’s possible with seller financing and real estate notes. In fact, most are making critical errors in how they structure ‘subject to’ transactions

**NOTE: The services mentioned on this page are for active investors only! If you consider yourself a passive investor (looking to invest existing capital in notes secured by real estate for safe, secure, hassle-free income) then click this link to learn more and get in touch.***

Looking to squeeze more out of every deal? Get paid twice and build cash flow

Turn a ‘NO’ into a ‘YES’, and trash into transactions. Get paid now AND later… if every deal isn’t at least a ‘twofer’ you’re leaving money on the table!

Don’t miss out on the best opportunities this market has to offer:

Opportunity #1: Create passive income out of thin air

It’s called ‘infinity return’ when you get paid to create monthly income for yourself. Earn up front like a wholesaler, every month like a lender, and yet again at the end like a Note Queen 😉

Opportunity #2: Safely take properties ‘subject to’ existing bank loans

Many investors are salivating at the thought of taking over cheap financing, but most are blind to the pitfalls, pain and lawsuits that will eventually catch up with them. Things have changed. You have to play smarter. You MUST understand a very specific Title Holding Trust System.

Opportunity #3: Take an ‘option’ on a note transaction

Every seller financed real estate transaction is pregnant with a note transaction IF… you set yourself up for success. Every time you get a seller to carry for you, you should end up with an option to buy your own note at a discount.

Partnering with NoteQueen grants you access to the knowledge and support you need to make more out of every lead you generate.

When you master these techniques, you’ll have no competition:

Learn to choose the right deal strategy.

There are always a hundred ways to put a deal together. Which is the right one? What will give the seller, you and any other party what they most want and need and balance risk and reward fairly?

Learn to see what is invisible to others.

If you don’t know what’s possible, you simply won’t see opportunities even if they’re right under your nose. Before you give up on a deal, you need to schedule some time with the Note Queen.

When I switched from a fee-based broker mindset to an investor mindset, everything changed.

And that has made all the difference.

Yes, I love big chunks of money when they roll in (who wouldn’t?) but what transformed my life completely was predictable, passive income that steadily grew, little by little, every month. 

When I got to the point where the mortgage on my home was covered by passive income (that I didn’t have to ‘hustle & grind’ for!) I was ecstatic. I had created a ‘base salary’ for myself. 

I used seller financing, note investing and arbitrage to escape the stress of “roller coaster” income. Now I help people like you do the same.

The dance between property & paper: Maximize your investments through seller financing and real estate notes

Property (real estate) & paper (notes) are just two sides of the same coin. You will profit handsomely when you learn to make them dance.

My name is Dawn, your go-to expert for seller financing and real estate notes.

My years of experience in the note buying industry has taught me how to squeeze every last bit of juice out of a comfortable flow of real estate and note opportunities.

Most of the time my real estate deals turn into note deals as well. 

Here’s one of the very first real estate deals I got involved with as a newbie investor: I bought a house worth $135K for just $100K with $5K down at 5% interest over 30 years. 

Instead of making a $5,000 wholesale fee once, I kept making money month after month. 

I made well over $50,000 over a 10 year period.

I was only on the title for 2 weeks and never had a single landlord/tenant problem… because I was the lender

You know how to make money with real estate, now you need to learn how to make money with notes.

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