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Property & Paper Summit 2019

By the end of this presentation, Tepan Trivedi will show you the exact steps he took to do:

  • A flip that netted him north of $110,000 
  • A wholesale deal that netted him $80,000
  • And how he bought a house in Sacramento for $6000 and sold it for $290,000!!!

In this special session, Cheri Hill with Sage International and co-founder of the top seller book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” will share critical steps you can’t afford to skip, especially if you want to protect your hard earned real estate wealth and assets. 

Video Notes Below:

Property & Paper Summit 2018

In this session Dawn Rickabaugh, also known as the Note Queen, shares her passion and love for mastering the Dance between Property and Paper. You’ll also learn “why: and “How” Dawn made the leap from nurse to full-time investor through the power of owner financing and note investing.

Video Notes:

  • 1:00 – Who is Dawn?  
  • 2:37 – Breaking free from the rat race
  • 7:17 – Helpful resources and good books to read
  • 15:40 – Breaking free from the “Wealth Vampires on Washington and Wall Street.”
  • 24:43 – Why “Creating Financial Solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to Another” is important to me?
  • 31:55 – Core Asset Classes  (Property-Paper-Cash)
  • 34:34 – What is a Note?
  • 35:32 – Secured vs Unsecured Note
  • 36:33 – What is Equity?
  • 37:04 – What is Liquidity?
  • 38:19 – Different areas to make money within the market
  • 40:18 – Where do Notes come from? (Primary Market / Originations)
  • 46:30 – How an Owner Carry Note is Created and Sold
  • 59:59 – Buy Property with Cash – Keep as your Home
  • 1:00:14 – Buy with Cash & Bank Loan – Keep as Your Home
  • 1:00:51 – Buy with Owner Carry Terms – Keep as Your Home
  • 1:01:45 – Buy Property with Cash – Hold for Rent
  • 1:01:58 – Buy with Cash & Bank Loan – Hold for Rent
  • 1:02:20 – Buy with Owner Carry – Hold for Rent
  • 1:02:47 – Buy Property with Cash – Hold for Rent
  • 1:03:07 – Buy Paper (at a Discount) with Cash – Hold for Interest
  • 1:03:31 – Buy Discounted NPN with Cash & Foreclose to get Property – Hold for Rent
  • 1:03:52 – Then Sell to Your Tenant with Owner Carry Terms for Interest
  • 1:04:24 – Buy with Cash & Bank Loan – Hold for Rent
  • 1:04:33 – Buy ‘Subject-To’ Bank Loan – Hold for Rent
  • 1:05:34 – Buy ‘Subject-To’ Bank Loan- Sell with Owner Carry ‘Wrap’
  • 01:11:09 – Buy with Cash & Hard Money Loan- Rehab Flip
  • 01:11:27 – Buy with Cash & Owner Carry Terms- Rehab Flip
  • 01:11:53 – Buy Property with Cash – Sell on Owner Carry Terms – Sell a Partial
  • 01:16:19 – What makes a Good Note?
Meet the new and seasoned real estate investors seeking to take their investments and profits to the next level with owner financing and notes.

In this session Quincy Long with Quest IRA, Inc. shares real deals from his investment portfolio and how to use the right self directed Roth IRA investment strategies and plans for maximum yield opportunities.


Seasoned real estate and note investor, Walter Wofford pulls the curtain back to reveal how he strategically creates TAX-FREE CASH FLOW with Real Estate and Note Investments. You’ll also discover the most Valuable line item on your personal balance sheet…that isn’t written down.


In this session Dawn Rickabaugh opens the room up for group ideas and suggestions on the easiest ways for someone to participate in the note business today! You’ll also gain a recap on how to leverage the power of property and paper.

In this session Walter Wofford and Quincy Long share their true passion for teaching and creating exponential opportunities to expand your network of financial friends…all while having fun!
Abby Shemesh with Amerinote Xchange shares tried and tested foundations he has used for success within the note trading space and how to stick out from your competitors.
Al Williamson with Air BNB Landord share how Short-Term Rentals changed his life and business! This session will also teach you about the power of “Rental Arbitrage” and most importantly…you CAN afford to do this…you just need the know how!
Cheri Hill with Sage International and co-founder of the top seller book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” shares steps you can’t afford to skip, especially if you want to protect your hard earned real estate wealth and assets.
In this session you’ll hear from seasoned real estate note investors who are eager to share real deals and success stories you can use for motivation to take action to become and profit like a note investor today!