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There’s no reason EVER to let a commission slip away.

Have a listing getting ready to expire? A deal falling out of escrow? A buyer who can’t qualify? Owner financing can get more properties sold and more cash in your pocket!

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As a real estate professional, you’re deep in the trenches of a turbulent housing market and curious about ways to compete.

Many agents tell me business is slow, that clients and commissions are harder to come by. You simply can’t afford to have ANY commission, big or small, slip through your fingertips.

You love the industry, but lately you can’t shake the feeling that things are changing and you need more ways to get paid…

Your income streams are sporadic at best, unreliable at worst…

It’s hard to plan ahead with your finances when you have to rely on windfalls that are getting less predictable

It feels agonizing when hard-earned leads don’t turn into a paycheck…

You wonder if there might be other ways to leverage your existing network & set of skills to stabilize income and get more transactions closed (for yourself and others!)

Buyers are balking, there’s a stand off…

Many buyers are unwilling or unable to pay today’s high interest rates, or prices!! They need something that makes sense. You may have a buyer with a big down payment who can’t qualify. You’re hitting frustrating roadblocks everywhere you look.

Your options feel limited… there’s only one way to do it legally, right?

Look, when everything is working out the ‘normal’ way, you don’t need to know or do anything else. In fact, you can bounce off this page right now. But when ‘normal’ means saying good-bye to a paycheck, it’s time to expand your thinking and your network… and YES… everything we do here at Note Queen is conservative, traditional and always 100% legal.

You’re concerned about where the industry is headed…

Regulatory changes on the horizon could deeply affect the way real estate professionals like you get paid. You need more ways to keep those paychecks coming! And wouldn’t some passive monthly income be amazing? It’s possible… you just have to want it bad enough.

Educating your clients about seller financing is a powerful tool that gets deals closed.

That’s right! There’s a different way to play, but it’s old, not new.

We’re returning to conditions similar to previous cycles where sellers often ‘carried paper’ and/or left their existing bank financing in place temporarily in order to get the results they were looking for.  

Alternative strategies haven’t been relevant in the recent era of low interest rates and easy money, but things are different now. The landscape is much more complex.

Owner financing done the right way is 100% legal and won’t compromise your license. You can still be the hero for sellers who feel stuck and need out from under their mortgage payments. You must avoid ‘subject to’ and ‘wraps’ at all costs. There’s only one way to leverage existing financing, and that’s with a Title Holding Trust. Join the ranks of professionals who understand this water tight strategy.

But how will I get paid if a bank isn’t involved?

For some reason, it’s a common myth that there will be no money for a commission if a seller offers ‘terms’ or ‘owner financing’ to a buyer. 

This simply isn’t true. 

Although your commission is almost always covered by the buyer’s down payment, if more money is needed at closing than the buyer has to offer, a partial note sale can cover closing costs and then some!

That’s where I come in.

From Nurse to Notes: Meet Your Guide

My name is Dawn, your go-to expert for seller financing and real estate notes.

I know how difficult things can be… how many hours you work (seemingly for free) just to get one transaction across the finish line.

I was a real estate agent for several years, and an independent broker for many of those. In the early days of short sales (circa 2006) I worked myself silly and only got 1 out of 4 sales approved. 

I understand the ‘Seller Financing Disclosure’ forwards and backwards. I know how to mitigate liability for you and your clients in an owner financed transaction. 

I know how to make sure your seller ends up with a note that will sell for a solid price (trust me, they’ll thank you when they realize how you looked out for them!) I know what notes are going for and ways to make them more valuable.

I know, because I regularly buy notes for my own portfolio. I can offer your clients a free Professional Note Appraisal that will be a valuable addition to their closing package. And if I end up buying their note, you’ll get paid… again… from the same transaction. 

That’s called a ‘Twofer’… why not build in options to receive happy financial surprises? Be the first to let your seller know that they CAN sell their note if they ever need or want to. Most agents and sellers don’t know this. Stand out from the crowd and offer more value to your clients.

I am usually successful in talking with sellers, buyers, cooperating brokers, title companies and attorneys in ways that will lead to a closed transaction… 

…And I can help you do the same.

The guidance I provide my agent & broker clients helps them get more value from each lead, while expanding the scope of their career to include steady, reliable income.

There are 3 ways we can work together...

Option #1: Citizen of the Realm

Deal maker marketing... become a Travis!!

Travis doesn’t know everything about owner financing and notes, but he knows enough to bring me a handful of deals a year. When I close them, he gets paid. Become a Citizen of the Realm to learn the Travis ‘side hustle’.

As you engage with the training and materials, you’ll start seeing the benefits of adding seller financing to your skill set…

Reminder: We are not mortgage loan originators. We help the seller lend their equity (originating a loan) in such a way that the note they end up with is something we can buy at a great price!

Are you ready to take the next step and secure your financial future?

Option #2: Discovery Session for Realtors

Get support from a real estate & seller financing pro

Just one Discovery Session with me can save your commission and protect you from pitfalls you may not yet understand.

Book your private 15 min session and get clear, targeted advice related to your client’s unique situation. My years of experience in owner financed homes allow me to distill sophisticated concepts into only what you need to know.

Option #3: Private 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

Looking to build seller financing into your business model?

Get paid now and later!

If you’re an agent and you know you need to reposition, this customized 1:1 training & transactional coaching is for you.

Fast track your way to profits and squeeze more out of every deal. Learn to pull monthly passive income out of thin air!

One missed opportunity or lost transaction will cost you more than this investment. Promise yourself you’ll do what it takes to wake up a different person 6 months from now.

Revolutionize your business with custom 1:1 training & support