Our Success Stories

Dawn, I wanted to write and thank you for your time recently. For someone, like me, that is new to the note community, it is SO helpful to just get a short conversation with someone that is as experienced as you.

I got in contact with Mike and, of course, we came to a mutual understanding of how to handle to deal. It is great that we get to pick who we work with, I feel really lucky to have both you and Mike on my investment team. Thanks again!"

H. Thompson

I wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderfully helpful class last night. I have many sellers asking more for their parks than can be justified by their earnings and many with the problem of large underlying mortgage debt.

I can see now how to get them their high selling price with low interest/long amortization or convince them to lower the price and earn more in interest. By knowing where to go to look for investors in partial notes, I can also solve a lot of those underlying mortgage problems. That was a lot of forward progress from one class.

I need to master the mechanics and become more aware of the possibilities, but I’m very excited about the whole note business. In fact, I’ve decided to go in big. I’ve bought a domain and web site. I’m getting business cards and putting my marketing materials together.

I have what I think are big opportunities to grow this business, so I want to roll out looking professional and solid. It will be a little like a Hollywood Western set, but working with you will help me get off to a fast start and my clients will be well served. I’m looking forward to the class on Trusts tonight. Thanks again.”


I consulted with Dawn Rickabaugh when I faced decisions critical to cash flow and asset protection for my small IRA real estate notes.  As a new-comer to these investments, I want to confirm what the NPV and ROI calcs mean in today’s marketplace, my  alternatives, how I can improve my investment’s value, and what alternative investments Dawn recommends if I sell and reposition. I tried a 45 min consultation with Dawn and got great results, fast.

I booked the consultation on her web site, and got my data and questions ready after reading info she had posted.  

She gave me facts, answers, a market assessment, strategies that fit my abilities, and a great self-help resource to keep implementation costs low.

The call saved me countless hours and dollars, both short and long term.  I had talked to two other professionals before– both very good and helpful; but by comparison, Dawn’s consultation gave me a better package — facts and solutions that fit my context.

Well worth my time and the charge!  Strongly recommend.” 

Anne Stedler

Hello Dawn. I enjoy your motivated entrepreneurial spirit. You’re generous and creative. There aren’t enough people like you in the business world! 



Dawn found investors to buy the promissory note we obtained from the buyer of our property. The resulting cash went to Downstream and became part of our 1031 exchange so we could buy our new property with all cash.

She is extremely knowledgeable about all types of non traditional financing.

We had met Dawn and had read the financing columns she was writing for the Temple City newspaper and I had looked at her website.

She had worked with Downstream before and also thought highly of their services, and they liked her also.  We felt very comfortable taking all of our experts’ advise. 

Cheryl & Jim Robuck

Thank you so much, Dawn, for your wise counsel on Wednesday. It prevented me from making a huge mistake… even when the park will not approve the lot rental. 

Well, it also helped me realize what and how a mistake was made in late 2011. So, talking about grumpy, I’m somewhat depressed… though I should be grateful and RECOVERING!

These are valuable life lessons – financially, spiritually and emotionally. Both lenders and borrowers need to prove accountability.


Hi Dawn, Just a few words to thank you for your invaluable assistance with my seller financed transaction of May 5, 2011.  As a novice in this arena I had no idea how to proceed.  The positive results achieved would have been much more difficult, if not impossible to accomplish without your excellent input. 


AMAZING Dawn!  I knew absolutely NOTHING about notes and after reading your e-book I feel I have a solid foundation on which to build my knowledge of notes.

It’s obvious a lot of work went into this endeavor.  Thank you for so graciously sharing this valuable information for FREE!

When I’m ready to take the note plunge I look forward to working with and learning from you. Thanks again” 


Dawn, I had a chance to read your book, and found it very engaging, informative, and frankly inspirational.

Accordingly, I’d like to learn how I might be able to work with you on real estate transactions.  I am a real estate attorney and broker and represent clients in all sorts of real estate litigation and transactions, but I do not have experience in seller financing.

If I have a seller offering owner financing, and we are contacted by a prospective buyer, what are the next steps to take? And what is your preferred mode of compensation so I can structure your fee in properly.  Thank you,” 


Anyone needing to sell a high-end home in today’s market needs to talk to you.  You have solutions that my agent and I were completely unaware of. 

My agent had spent a lot of money marketing my home, and she would have lost all that money if you hadn’t shown us how we could put this deal together – not to mention I’d still be stuck with those strangling mortgage payments.  Thanks, Dawn.” 


Wow Dawn!  That was an awesome class today.  Your info was so great and delivered in a way that even a newbie could  understand.  Thanks again for coming and putting on such a great ‘show’.  

I wish more agents understood the possibilities about owner financing… it’s one of the only exciting things left in Real Estate."

Tracey Thomas,

Broker at Keller Williams Northridge

Always a pleasure Dawn. I was glad we were able to get together as I know everyone is on a busy schedule.

Dawn, you have inspired me to get out there and start thinking out of the box. I think we have a means of making some great things happen. So expect to hear from me as I think up ways we can join forces and be more effective in this mis- construed financial world.:)


Thank you Dawn.  Your information is informative and easy to follow.  I also enjoyed your down-to-earth humor throughout the reading.” 


Seller Financing on Steroids was very informative & helpful. 

I wish that I read before I agreed to terms on my first owner financed deal. I would have paid more attention to term length and interest rate. But I’m glad that I read it before the actual contract and mortgage have been drawn up. Thanks” 


Great job!!! on Seller Financing on Steroids.  I’ve read a little and will learn a lot from this book.  Thank you.” 


Dawn, thanks for your terrific web site which has an incredible wealth of useful information. I am starting out in real estate investing, because being a scientist just won’t allow me to achieve financial freedom.

Many realtors I have talked to here in Michigan have very little knowledge of seller financing, are afraid of it, or are telling me it’s not possible because banks are not going to lend to an investor if he/she is trying to secure the down payment through seller financing.

With the information you provide, I can hopefully show sellers myself how this will actually help them and close more deals. I hope to be in a position someday where we could even do deals on notes!” 


Thank you, Dawn, for taking us on as the listing agent for the sale our property in this tough housing market.

We truly appreciate your hanging in there with us and making sure that the best companies were involved in handling our complicated sale. 

Your caring words of wisdom, your kindness and wonderful sense of humor held us together through this roller coaster we found ourselves on many times during the process.

Again, thank you for going the extra mile for us, it truly means a lot.” 

Matt & Shawn

Based on what I see happening everywhere, I know that creative solutions are necessary. I have never done owner financing before, nor land trusts, and understand the urgent need to learn these things.  I’ve been praying for a miracle and perhaps this is it. In that sense, you are an angel!

Instead of the NoteQueen, I think you should be called, the NoteAngel. 🙂  

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I really do appreciate it, and look forward to our consultation. The info on your website has already helped me. THANKS!"


Broker Associate

Good Morning Dawn, It was a relief to find your funny, candid writing about this subject in “Steroids”.  Yes, I read it all and have enjoyed your insight. 

I’m trying to put together an older multi-family deal together in Washington, but it’s been for sale sooooo long that everyone is getting lazy about it and I’m told the seller will no longer carry back a large second since they have dropped the price several times. 

The listing agent is NO help at all, and the agent I’ve been talking to is terribly new.  Nice . . . but doesn’t know what she’s doing!  Found this online and have told them I’m interested, but no one is taking me very seriously. 

I’m a missionary and travel quite a bit and want this for future income, etc.  I’ll be home May 19, perhaps I can stir the dust more then.  Thanks for the advice, I appreciate you!” 


I loved how complete the Seller Financing ebook was!

I love IRS tax issues with Residential Property and selling property creatively (wraps-AITDs, etc). Violating the due on sale clause when selling creatively is worry for many sellers. Your solutions seem elegant, with Trusts. Minimizing or Eliminating the Capital Gains tax over the $500,000 Exclusion with an Installment Sale is also “The Complete Look” at selling a home over $500K in California. Marketing for a “selling on terms” home is a puzzle: How do we find buyers that can not qualify traditionally thru FHA but have high income and 20% Down? MLS Only? Especially an expensive home, say over 1.5 mil? 

Again, best book on seller financing I have seen, especially relevant for today’s market! Best to you Dawn.” 


Hi Dawn:  Enjoyed the call, and love what you’re doing. Three impressions:

  • You are FUNNY!
  • You are SMART!
  • Didn’t I mention you were FUNNY!

I look forward to learning from you… (nice salutation goes here),” 

Costa Rica-bound Bill

After the meeting, my clients told me they were very happy that we had gotten together.  They understand how effective and important you are in this transaction and are looking forward to working with you.

They were very impressed with your knowledge and the clarity of your information, especially with the various options that were discussed.

Now to find the buyer and put together a plan that works for both buyer and seller.”


Studio City, CA (listing agent $6mil property)

Thank you so much for following up on this. This is a big disappointment to me, too, as I think I have exhausted all the seller financing options.

I talked to the loan servicer again the other day and they said they absolutely cannot do an assumption of the loan. Thanks again for all your help. 

I have learned a lot from your site and, though it didn’t help me at the moment, I have no doubt that I will be able to pass this information on to someone whom it can help at some time in the future. 

I would not hesitate to refer people to you. Thanks.” 

Dawn, Northern CA

Hi Dawn, Happy New Year.  I told my (business) partner to look at your website.  She downloaded your book and said it was very good, particularly because she had just sat in for me on another call and about died from boredom (I listened to the replay and about did die from boredom). 

I’ve just spent the last couple of hours reading your book and think it is very, very good, what a great product you’re offering people. It has genuine value, is readable and is presented creatively. 

I have yet to come up with a concept for my fraud blog that would provide a similar value for my readers. . . 

Kathryn and I want to start working in notes this year and we would like you to work with us once we figure out how to find potential deals in our real estate businesses.” 


Thanks so much, will review with my husband when he gets in.  I told him earlier today I found your website with so much information.

What a blessing you are to share with so many people in such a trying time.


My husband and I sold a home in 1994 using a land trust through a local Realtor.

It was a smooth transaction that lasted 9 years. The buyer had a few credit dings and could not get financing approval because of alimony/child support issues. We took a chance and even extended the agreement 4 more years past the due date. 

Our buyer was never late on the the payments, not once. The transaction could not have been more perfect for either of us or the original buyer. 

Currently, we live in Mission Viejo, CA and would like to try and sell our home again, using a land trust. However, we have been unable to locate a local Realtor who is familiar with equity/land trust financing. Can you suggest anyone we could contact? Thanks for your help” 


Mission Viejo, CA

Thanks, Dawn.  I really appreciate it.  Is your business going gangbusters now? 

I am surely a fan of yours!  I have learned so much about creative sales mechanisms from you.

I have had lots of inquires of late and think that we may have some to rent to own soon then we will convert it to owner financing.  I may call you if I have concerns. 

I can see how we could use the system in a commercial property for a non profit that I serve on the board for.  Thanks again!  You are a blessing!”


Richmond, VA

Dawn, it was a pleasure meeting with you, as well as hearing you speak.  What truly impressed me, however — other than your mastery of all things notes-related — was that you are one of few investors who seems to have an awareness in these troubled times of the difference between “paper” and “hard” assets — many investors, tragically, do not.  

At any rate, thank you for a fascinating and informative lecture — as a  new entrant to the real estate market (while a highly experienced investor overall, I’m just starting to diversify away from the stock and bond markets, both in taxable and tax-deferred assets), I found your lecture and site to be very informative.” 


Dear Dawn: Just a follow up msg after our Zoom consult meeting today.

Thank you for the common sense suggestions and thoughts about getting started in note investing. I also appreciate your advice to be circumspect about the challenges and changing macro-economic conditions.

I hope we have a chance to collaborate on opportunities going forward. I would recommend others to connect with you as a resource for coaching and advice on note investing. 

Don C.,

Orange Co, CA

Dawn was introduced to me through a business acquaintance as someone who could help me with some alternate investing ideas. I quickly booked a strategy session with Dawn to pick her brain about private money.

As it turns out I took several ideas from that meeting and did some investing with one of her hard money contacts. We also discussed bitcoin as an optional store of value which has also been working great for us.

I have continued to communicate with Dawn concerning real estate and notes which is Dawn's main area of expertise. If you are interested in investing in real estate and notes in a creative way, I would highly recommend connecting with Dawn on these subjects.

Mark Pfeiffer

South Carolina