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Ready to take your understanding of notes & seller financing to the next level? Explore our suite of products and coaching options:

Products & Courses

Everything you need to kickstart your journey…

Boomer Real Estate Rescue

Landlords: Discover how to double the income you’re collecting in rent: the WHO, WHAT, and WHY of seller financing with this introductory eBook.

Ready to carry paper? Master the Basics. This eBook and mini calculator video series will show you HOW to put your deal together to create a note worth holding or selling.

Note Appraisal Templates

These note appraisal templates will help you with the annual FMV reports required by the custodian of your qualified accounts as well as for estate planning, IRS purposes, rollovers, divorces, and many more.

Three high-value, professional templates included:

1) Secured notes, 2) unsecured notes, and 3) for notes that need valuations based upon a prior time period (i.e. when a note holder died years ago and the value of the estate needs to be determined.) Get more details here.

Real Estate & Note Buyers' Marketing Templates

Want sellers to say “YES!” when you ask them for seller financing? These do the heavy lifting for you. Customize your educational materials then send to sellers and agents. 

Includes: 1) two unbranded videos you can download to your phone: ‘What is Seller Financing?’ & ‘Benefits of Seller Financing’ 2) two 1-page Flyers, & 3) two 3-page Seller Financing Reports. [Word & Pages docs you can easily edit].

Private 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

Looking to build seller financing & note investing into your business model?

Learn to get paid both now and later!

If you’re an active investor: wholesaler, rehabber or a real estate agent who knows they need to reposition, this 1:1 training & transactional coaching is for you.

Fast track your way to profits and squeeze more out of every deal. Learn to pull passive income out of thin air. One missed opportunity will cost you more than this investment. Don’t wake up the same person 6 months from now!!

Get personally customized training & support

Personalized Discovery Session

Get support from a real estate & seller financing pro

Just a few minutes with me can save your transaction and protect you from pitfalls you may not yet understand.

Book your 15 min discovery session and get clear, targeted advice related to your unique situation. My years of experience allow me to distill sophisticated concepts into what you need to know and do right now. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get granular, specific & exact, skip the discovery & go straight for a 1-hour 


Citizens of the Realm 

Deal maker marketing... become a Travis!!

Travis doesn’t know everything about owner financing and notes, but he knows enough to bring me a handful of deals a year. When I close them, he gets paid. Become a Citizen of the Realm to learn the Travis ‘side hustle’.

Or maybe you’re buying for your own portfolio?