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0% Owner Financing and Buying Notes with your Self-Directed IRA

I’m not sure how many investments these days can offer the safety, return and low risk profile of discounted notes when purchased properly.  Buying properties with below market terms from sellers and then reselling with higher and better terms is also a way to create positive and almost effortless cash flow.

Next Thursday, July 7th, I will be interviewing Walter for the next meeting of Owner Financing Club (a virtual investment club focused on owner financing and notes).

Walter has done a lot of investing in his time, and right now, he is really “crushing it” buying and selling real estate with seller financing.  Sometimes he subsequently sells the note(s) created to really top off his profits.

He also happens to be an expert at investing with and through self-directed IRAs, which is a strategy that I believe more and more people will see is the only chance at preserving any measure of their wealth as the economy collapses around us.

If you’d like to listen in on the call and have a chance to ask questions and brainstorm over your deals (or listen to the recording afterwards) be sure to…


FYI, I also added the videos of the live owner financing class I taught last month to the arsenal of information available to club members.

And I’m always looking for investing partners for both property and paper deals that come across my desk, so if you’ve got some capital, and you’re tired of making 0-1%, and watching inflation blow it away, then let’s have a chat.

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