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Best Financing – Small Down Payment – for Canadians Looking to Buy U.S. Real Estate

Seller financing strategies work especially well for non-U.S. residents wanting to buy property here.  I recently received this email:


We’re Canadians interested to purchase residential and/or commercial properties in the US (Florida – Kissimme/Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale or Boston areas) with the least down payment. We’re looking for the best financing option. We’re based in Toronto.

We’d appreciate it very much if you can help us on this.
Thanks very much.


Dear May,

There are many ways to put a deal together without conventional financing, however, you must understand that you will have to stick with properties that are NOT corporate owned… no short sales or bank REO foreclosures.  They always want cash or cash to new loan in exchange for a low price.

Statistically, one-third of residential properties in the US are owned free and clear, or have very small mortgages.  There are many more that have attractive long term financing that they could potentially leave in place for you.

The particular strategy that will be most effective for you will be determined by the unique circumstances of your transaction.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

A straight seller carry back with a note(s) and deed(s) of trust (which the seller can sell at some point) may work.  But in many instances, using the Title Holding (Land) Trust will give you the best options for getting in with the lowest down payment possible, and give you the ability to take over existing financing without risking negative repercussions.

I am available on a consultation basis.  If you choose the comprehensive option for $495, then I will be available to help you negotiate the opportunities you will be interested in until you are able to consummate a successful transaction.

You may want to sign up for ‘Seller Financing on Steroids,’ to become more familiar with seller financing, and to have access to specific details of transactions that I am helping other sellers and buyers put together.

Best wishes,


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