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Buying and Wrapping Real Estate With 0% Financing

My favorite quote from my call with Walter last night:

“Owner financing is a partnership between the lender and the borrower.” 

It’s always wonderful to come away with life-changing “a-ha’s”, especially when you don’t necessarily expect them.  It’s not that I think I have nothing left to learn… quite the contrary, but I’ve spoken to Walter on multiple occasions, so I didn’t expect to be blind-sided by core ideas that could very well change the way I put my next deal together.

After 30 years of investing in real estate from every possible angle, find out why and how Walter will NEVER PAY CASH or hard money rates ever again.  According to him, if you’re paying more than 5% on real estate financing, you need to rethink your game.

Another great quote:

“As investors, we can make back everything we’ve lost in the last 5 years”

He also describes exactly how he does his marketing for both acquiring and disposing of real estate.

CLICK HERE to listen to the recording of this perspective-changing interview.

He also describes how he is making home ownership cheaper than renting for buyers, and giving investors a way to finance properties that will cash flow for them.

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