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Come to Carson City to discuss Investing in Real Estate and Notes

Just letting people know that I’ve started a local Meetup group in Carson City, and our first monthly meeting will be in just a couple of days:

  • Monday, July 17th (and the 3rd Monday of every month thereafter)
  • 6-8pm (may have drinks afterward at The Union across the street from 8-9pm for anyone who wants to stick around)
  • Adam’s Hub Studio @ 111 W. Proctor, Carson City, NV 89703

There will be light snacks and beverages to enhance our networking and training event.

What I’ve noticed is that getting people to engage in the wonderful world of owner financing and notes depends entirely on education. I’ve got a fantastic recent example to share that will convince you how powerful and effective these strategies can be.

When people start to understand the power of “being the bank,” things can get really exciting, and powerful community solutions can be implemented.

I love my home town of Carson City, and I want to make a difference here with the last 3-4 decades I have left.

We will be talking about “The Dance Between Property & Paper” and learning how beautifully they can move together. The biggest missing piece for most people is the discounted note business.

I also love just regular ol’ rehab flips and long-term holds, and we’d love to work with you if you’re a new or seasoned wholesaler. We will talk about marketing strategies for both property and paper and explore ways we can benefit together.

Again, go here to RSVP for our event this coming Monday:

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