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HR 4173 – Another Round of Threats Aimed at Owner Financing and the Note Business


[watch video] Help protect your personal property rights: the ability to use owner financing to sell your property, the ability to buy a property without needing to qualify for new bank financing, your ability to defer capital gains and enjoy cash flow for retirement by carrying paper.

If HR 4173 goes through unamended, it will greatly harm the real estate industry and the private note business.  Thank you, Eddie Speed, for sending around this email:

Dear Friend and Colleague:

With HR 4173 moving forward in conference, we need to contact the Representatives and Senators listed below, as they are Conferees and will have final decision as to the inclusion of Section 1073 and 1074.  Please review the draft letter (ready to be cut and pasted to your letterhead) and the attached fact sheet.  Both items should be e-mailed or faxed to your Congressman.  (Sending to Congressmen outside your area will have little to no impact.)  The 5th paragraph has a bolded sentence where you MUST personalize or remove the sentence.

Who is your Congressman?

Contact a Senator from your state, or in state where you do business. Contact a Representative if you have property or do business in their
district.  If you are not sure check this site:

Please contact your Senator or Representative if they are on this list.

List of Conferees on HR 4173:

House Democrats:

House Republicans:

Senate Democrats:

Senate Republicans:

Donations to support this effort of a $100 or more would be appreciated, and may be sent to:

National Association to Protect Private Property Rights
1725 east South Lake Blvd. Ste. #102
South Lake, TX 76092

Don’t forget, here is the customizable letter to email or fax to your representative, and the fact sheet to attach to it:

  1. Sample letter
  2. Fact sheet

When banks say NO, I say YES!

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