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I Want You to “Like” Me . . . My Bribe is a Free Owner Financing Video

Hey . . . sometimes you have to buy votes 🙂  I’m going to send a gift to everyone who “likes” my new page by tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 18, 2010):

Facebook Page

You can also just scroll down a bit and click on the Facebook Badge on the left of this site… right under the last of the buttons.

I deleted my old Facebook Page and started over.  I’m not sure why facebook matters so much, but I keep hearing it does.  My goal is to create a community where there can be a greater exchange of ideas in real time about notes and owner financing.

The gift will be some material that is not for sale . . . yet.  It’s a 30 minute video giving powerful examples of how buyers and sellers can put owner financing deals together.

Help me out and *LIKE* my Facebook Page, and I’ll send you the video for FREE!

Pass this along to anyone else you know who would, could or should be interested in this!

Have a great one!

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