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I’m Into Seller Financing, and I’m Also Into Health – the Alkaline Revolution

This one of those random posts that doesn’t have anything to do with creative financing.

Creative real estate strategies empower you to achieve desired benefits regardless of market conditions, and being alkaline in an increasingly acidic world will empower you to preserve and improve health regardless of environmental conditions.

I like to align my natural passions with my business pursuits.

As for me, I still like my red wine and to party a little too hard once in a while, so I don’t see myself living a perfect alkaline lifestyle any time soon (for proof, join me on facebook . . . yikes!)

That’s why I’m excited to use products that supercharge my health and alkaline level.  They buffer me against occasional excesses (and prevent hangovers, too, I might add!)

Dr. Ola Madsen, CEO of Easy Pha-Max, will make a rare personal appearance tonight in Alhambra, CA at 7p.m.

If you’re interested in easy alkaline living (remember that alkalinity = health and life), you don’t want to miss this if you’re anywhere in L.A.

Linda Hacker is hosting the meeting at her home, and can’t believe the results she’s getting already.  Her doctor has started to take her off of prescription medications she’s been on for years!

Listen to her story first hand here:

I know eating healthy and getting enough leafy greens and other vegetables can be a challenge for most people, but with the Easy Wheatgrass Powder, all the excuses go out the window.

It’s as easy as falling down (and a lot less painful) to get supercharged nutrition, even when traveling or at work.

If you’re local, and you think you might want to come, email me for directions!For info on the related business opportunity, visit:

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