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Inaugural Meeting of the Naked Lady Real Estate Investors Club a Raging Success!

These are really exciting times in real estate, especially if you’re an investor. I learned so much and was very inspired by the things I heard at the kick off meeting of a brand new RE Club: Naked Real Estate Investors Club. Rosie Nieto is launching a whole new way to run a club. In her own words:

“You guys, I’m gonna try and do the impossible with my club . . .naked real estate investors club

I want to create a club that is a true, educational, networking, deal-making, friendship-making environment without all the hype, without all the sales-y, pitchy poo, crap that we have to suffer through in order to continue our education and networking in this industry.

I heard Bruce Norris say the most incredible thing a couple months back and it resonates with what I am determined to accomplish here. When he first started presenting, there was a man who he thought of as a mentor that showed up at his first several speaking engagements. He didn’t really know why he was there, but he supposed that the man was just trying to support someone who was doing an honorable service to the industry. THAT’S IT!

This is what I am setting out to do. I can’t stand the BS that is being feed to all of us investors by some events and gurus. We are here to be of service to others and to: “Support Those Who Are Doing an Honorable Service to the Real Estate Industry.”

I absolutely love Rosie . . . she is such a delight. Not only is she fun and crazy and committed to learning, but she has the heart of a lion. Integrity saturates her flesh, right down to the bone. She truly cares about people, and is dedicated to avoiding the exploitation of novice investors. She had these successful, down-to-earth successful investors at her meeting: Tony Alvarez, Mike Cantu, and Bruce Norris.

I’m thinking that between now and the end of 2009 will be prime time to adopt a buy-and-hold mentality. My own personal goal is to pick up at least 6 properties (maybe more) that will stay in my family’s wealth portfolio long term. One down, 5 to go . . .

If you’re serious about learning strategies to help you take advantage of this real estate market, tap in and stay tuned to what is happening at the Naked REIC: The Bare Truth About Real Estate Investing.

Her personal blog is also a great resource

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