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Learn the Secrets of Structuring Seller Carry Back Notes by Tuning In

I’m glad to be going back on the air with Exeter Real Estate Radio next Monday to continue our conversation about Seller Financing. Last month we ran out of time!exeter

We’ll be talking about:

1. Why you must know how to carry paper in this market in order to:

  • close your real estate transaction while other properties languish on the market
  • get your price by offering terms
  • defer capital gains
  • create cash flow for retirement
  • leave a good inheritance for your loved ones

2. How to structure a good seller carry back note

3. Why you need to work with a note professional BEFORE you take back a note!

4. How the secondary trust deed market determines the market value of your note:

  • protective equity
  • credit score of the payor
  • payment history
  • seasoning

5. How to feed and care for your note once you have it (use a note servicing company)

6. How to sell all or part of your note to raise instant cash

7. How a Professional Note Appraisal can save your family $thousands$

8. What a potential raise in the Federal capital gains tax rate could mean for you

9. How seller financing works within the context of an exchange

10. How real estate professionals can close more deals by knowing about seller financing

I want to carry paper, please help me create a valuable note.

If I Carry Paper, How Much Will I Get Each Month?

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