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Market Visionary: Texas Note Guy Robert Young – Creating and Selling Owner Financed Notes

Texas Note CoSome people just have a way of inspiring you . . .

If the Safe Mortgage Act isn’t preparing to destroy his business model as we speak, then Robert Young, owner of Texas Note Company, is the kind of visionary that will turn this market around, or at least keep the cogs greased until things get ironed out a bit (not personally holding my breath).

He started out learning the note business almost 3 years ago, now he’s got a thriving, growing system that takes care of him, because he takes care of everyone else… sellers, buyers, investors and agents.

I spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with him, and he’s putting deals together that are technically impossible if you ask the seasoned note buyers and brokers out there.

He has an investor that buys property cash or subject to existing financing, then Robert markets the property (he’s not a real estate agent) and gets a finder’s fee when he lands a buyer.  When the note is seasoned for 3-4 months, he sells the note (and makes another fee) to a group of local investors who want to use self-directed retirement funds to invest in local paper.

These types of deals are not generally happening out there in the ‘real’ world.  What makes it work is Robert’s reputation, his fairness (he’s not greedy), his creative juice, and his profound networking abilities in finding local investors that will do what nationally based companies usually can’t.

When I come across someone like Robert, I like to give him a nice SHOUT OUT!!!

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