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Me and Lisa Nichols Being Interviewed Today on CNN 650 Talk Radio

raven cnn 650 radioHey, just a quick note to let you know that after Raven (Careers from the Kitchen Table, and Women Power Radio) interviews Lisa Nichols from the movie “The Secret,” she’ll be talking to me for about 15 minutes . . .

I guess if Lisa has a secret, then I should think of one . . . OK, how about this?  The secret to buying and selling real estate (and businesses) without getting a loan from the bank through using:

  • owner financing strategies
  • note sales
  • private money
  • title holding (land) trusts
  • commercial hedge funds

It should start at 12:00 noon Pacific if you want to listen in or get to the archives.

A special thank you to all our veterans this Memorial Day weekend.

When banks say NO, I say YES!

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