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Note Queen Meets Naked Lady!!!

naked lady real estate investing rosie nieto

It was so great to meet someone who is just as big a dork as I am! 🙂 You gotta love her bold and unique branding, and when you get to know what she’s about, you’ll realize what a breath of fresh air she is.

Plus, we didn’t stop laughing for 3 hours when we first met at Vertical, an upscale wine bar in Old Town Pasadena. I love this lady! (Even though she is a liar . . . she actually wears clothes in public).

Rosie Nieto (Naked Lady Investing) recently left her position as manager of the largest Real Estate Investment Club in Los Angeles, and is now pursuing her dream of owning her own investment club . . . one where she can stay in integrity with what she believes in.

One thing she can’t stand is seeing investment gurus going around pitching over-priced programs that often under-deliver to naive, eager folks trying to break into the world of real estate investing. She thinks selling without true concern and regard for the individual is almost criminal.

As you can imagine, Rosie has an incredibly loyal following, and she plans to organize her real estate investment club in a way that really teaches and empowers new investors without robbing them blind.

If you’re in Southern California, you’ll want to consider attending her first Real Estate Investing Expo in Anaheim. Anyone who wants to learn about investing in real estate, creative financing, land trusts and real estate notes should definitely start watching the Naked Lady!

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