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Eye Popping Interview with Randy Hughes: Why You Should Use Land Trusts for Real Estate

Interview with Randy Hughes – Owner Financing & Note Investing Podcast

I enjoy every opportunity to interview industry experts with specialized knowledge.

Today’s guest expert was our very own…

Randy Hughes, aka Mr. Land Trust!

Since Randy and I met four…five years ago, he has helped me implement and use land trust in a way that has led to lot more deals, including a lot more protected and security with each deal.

I loved learning about how Randy became, Mr. Land Trust! Was so enlightening and helpful for new or long-time listeners with an interest in…

Growing real estate deal volume and profits!

A special thank you for Randy sharing his success story with land trust.

As always, I’m truly grateful for community members and friends participating in this wonderful world of owner financing and notes. Now go out there and do your part to create financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another 😉

My best,

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