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Real Estate Dealers Sell Owner Financed Notes to Pay Taxes – The Partial to the Rescue!

floating petalsThe subprime meltdown forced many dealers/rehabbers to sell their properties using some form of owner financing. People just couldn’t get the bank financing, so to move the properties, they provided the financing for the buyers. Now, they’re sitting in front of their CPA and gasping! The IRS considers the note they took back in profit is the same as cash, and Uncle Sam wants his share!

What can note holders do to cover an oppressive tax liability?

They can sell a portion of their note, a partial. Let’s say the dealer owes $30,000 in taxes, and one of his notes is $100,000 at 9% over 360 months giving him a monthly payment of $804.62.

He doesn’t need to sell the whole note, he just needs $30,000. So what if he sells the next 5 years of payments? What would that look like?

The note buyer pays $30,000 for the right to receive $804.62 a month for the next 5 years. $804.62 x 60 = $48,277.20. This represents a 20.59% yield.

The note seller gets $30,000 now to cover his tax liability, and he gets the note back in 5 years. When he starts receiving the payments again, the note will still have a principal balance of $95,880.34! He gets his money now, his principal balance is only $4,119.66 less than when he sold it, and he still has 25 years of payments to collect! $804.62 x 300 = $241,386.79 + $30,000 (from note buyer) = $271,386.79 total income from his $100,000 note!

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