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Seller Financing on Steroids & the Seller Financing Decision Making Guide

I’ve been working on developing an ezine (‘Seller Financing on Steroids’) as well as a simple decision making guide for people to use.  I finally got the first draft up, and I’d really appreciate any feedback, especially on how I can improve the Decision Making Guide.

The reason I started developing it was because I was spending a lot of time communicating with people by phone or email.  I finally realized that most of them would have 75% of their questions answered before they ever got to me if they just had a simple tool to help them filter out all the possibilities and narrow it down to a few tools that would probably help them with their specific real estate situation.

Sign up for ‘Seller Financing on Steroids’ and the ‘Seller Financing Decision Making Guide’.  It will answer many of your questions before you write or call.  It’s a great way to get some of my expertise without paying for my time!

I’d love to keep you up to date on the most powerful Seller Financing Strategies, including when and how to implement them. The Note Queen’s Seller Financing Decision Making Guide will help you sort through your options and find the strategy that’s right for you as a seller in today’s market.

People subscribed to Seller Financing on Steroids will hear details about some of the real life deals I’m working on that you just won’t find in my regular blog posts.

Dedicated to helping you Unplug and Power Up,

Dawn Rickabaugh (The Note Queen)

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