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Ummm . . . Why Don’t You Store a Little Food on Your Real Estate?

wheat and riceMake room to store a few food items in & on & around your real estate. There could be some temporary shortages and periods of unavailability. I ordinarily don’t worry a whole lot about world events, but there are some interesting trends developing. It wouldn’t hurt to be prepared with a few key items, including water and toilet paper!

According to Kevin Kerr,

“Even in the U.S., food rationing is becoming a reality, as much as the mainstream media would like to pretend it’s not. The lead story on Drudge today suggests Costco and other food wholesalers have begun to quietly limit purchases of flour, rice and cooking oil.

“Due to the limited availability of rice,” reads a sign in a California Costco, “we are limiting rice purchases based on your prior purchasing history.” Interesting times…

Meanwhile, “There’s a risk of a silent famine,” U.N. Food Program’s Paul Risley said today. “If you’re making $1 a day, $2 a day, somewhere near the bottom of the economic scale, a sudden doubling of the price of rice or of wheat is going to make it impossible for you to put food on the table.”

I just finished ordering 25-lb bags of wheat (which we can soak and sprout) and steel cut oats (the kind that sticks to your ribs). I also keep about 100 gallons of water in storage in the back yard, and I’m always grateful for the orange trees that give us citrus almost year-round!

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