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If you’re a property owner and you’re serious about offering terms to get your property sold, you may want help through the process. There’s a lot to sort through, and you don’t want to overlook anything that could cost you thousands down the road. Unless your agent, broker, CPA or attorney regularly buys notes for their own portfolio, they don’t have the expertise to help you, and you’re headed for a shock if you ever need or want to sell your note. Let’s make sure you understand the risks and rewards for each of the options available to you, and are set up to maximize the value you receive from both your real and paper assets.

Let’s face it . . .

Chances are you’ve spent hours, days and weeks studying and thinking about what you should do.  It’s all swirling around in your head.  Give yourself the gift of confidence and save yourself a lot of time by hiring me to help you understand the strategies that will work best for you. I bring you the best and safest strategies that sophisticated investors use every day. The charge is $395 for a 60-minute Power Strategy Session:

Power strategy session

Note Queen Success Stories

Hello, Dawn. Thanks for the reply note. In plain words, “I like you” I enjoy your motivated entrepreneurial spirit. You’re generous and creative. There aren’t enough people like you in the business world! Enjoy the day!”

 ~ Jim, SRES, CAREI Certified, REALTOR 

Dawn, I wanted to write and thank you for your time recently. For someone, like me, that is new to the note community, it is SO helpful to just get a short conversation with someone that is as experienced as you. I got in contact with Mike and, of course, we came to a mutual understanding of how to handle to deal. It is great that we get to pick who we work with, I feel really lucky to have both you and Mike on my investment team. Thanks again!"

 ~ H. Thompson 

I wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderfully helpful Calc 1 class last night. I have many sellers asking more for their parks than can be justified by their earnings and many with the problem of large underlying mortgage debt. I can see now how to get them their high selling price with low interest/long amortization or convince them to lower the price and earn more in interest. By knowing where to go to look for investors in partial notes, I can also solve a lot of those underlying mortgage problems. That was a lot of forward progress from one class. I need to master the mechanics and become more aware of the possibilities, but I’m very excited about the whole note business. In fact, I’ve decided to go in big. I’ve bought a domain and web site. I’m getting business cards and putting my marketing materials together. I have what I think are big opportunities to grow this business, so I want to roll out looking professional and solid. It will be a little like a Hollywood Western set, but working with you will help me get off to a fast start and my clients will be well served. I’m looking forward to the class on Trusts tonight. Thanks again.”


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