Cost of the Title Holding (Land) Trust System

There are three options…

1) Do it yourself . . .

If you want to find a place where you can become educated about land trusts in all 50 states, and have access to standard forms so you can put them together for yourself, then I recommend that you check out what these guys have to offer:



2) Use Bill Exeter if you just need a land trust set up so you can take title to a piece of property. 

If you are not using the land trust to coordinate a property transfer between unrelated parties, and are simply using them as a way to hold title (land trusts hold title to everything I own), and you don’t want to do it yourself, then call Bill.

Find Bill at Exeter 1031 Exchange, and tell him I said ‘hi’.  I think he charges about $700 to put a trust together for you, but don’t hold me to it.



3) Find an attorney (who may, or may not be) familiar with land trusts, and let them charge you what they may.