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There are many times when a note holder needs a Professional Note Appraisal Valuation issued by neutral 3rd party qualified to perform such valuation. One example is the yearly FMV [fair market value] reports the custodian of your qualified accounts asks you for.

Other common reasons would be to determine the value of a note when it is being rolled over from one type of IRA to another, or in cases of divorce, the settlement of an estate, determining net worth for a financial statement, attempting to qualify for medicaid, or a charitable organization that needs to be able to assign value to a note that was donated to them.

There are many reasons an appraisal would be a useful tool, but the reason my templates were modified to their present (and most powerful) version several years ago is that there was an estate with an $8mil note portfolio facing an IRS audit.

The estate planning attorney that was representing them reached out to me and together we created this version of my Appraisal Report that would be up to the task of sufficiently educating the IRS agent and defending the estate against the extra $1mil the IRS was coming after. As it turned out, the series of reports we put together ended up saving the estate over $500,000.

For that reason, these report templates are almost a mini course in notes all by themselves. When you add these Professional Note Appraisal templates to your toolbox, you will have access to 3 different templates that will make it easy for you to generate reports for yourself or others:

  • The valuation template for a prior time period (as described above, meaning that the effective date of the appraisal was several years prior to the actual appraisal report)… the same one we used to save the estate $500K
  • A template to be used for a secured note
  • A template to be used for an unsecured note

Get these now while you can for only $37… offered at this price for a limited time. That is an amazing value even if you only plan to use it for your own portfolio, but it’s really a slam dunk when you consider that offering appraisal services is just another way to grow your note business and establish relationships with real estate professionals who are involved in seller financed transactions!

Once they’ve closed the deal, you can offer to provide a 3rd-party appraisal report at no cost for their seller clients (who are have now become note holders) who probably don’t even know that there IS a secondary marketfor notes!

YOU be the one to let them know before the onslaught of offers to buy their note hit their mailbox. It is a fabulous educational tool and establishes you as the expert with the seller/note holder AND the real estate professional! If you need help putting your reports together, or you want my personal signature on your appraisal report, email me for a quote.

Dawn Rickabaugh real estate consultant

Note Queen Success Stories

Hello, Dawn. Thanks for the reply note. In plain words, “I like you” I enjoy your motivated entrepreneurial spirit. You’re generous and creative. There aren’t enough people like you in the business world! Enjoy the day!”

 ~ Jim, SRES, CAREI Certified, REALTOR 

Dawn, I wanted to write and thank you for your time recently. For someone, like me, that is new to the note community, it is SO helpful to just get a short conversation with someone that is as experienced as you. I got in contact with Mike and, of course, we came to a mutual understanding of how to handle to deal. It is great that we get to pick who we work with, I feel really lucky to have both you and Mike on my investment team. Thanks again!”

 ~ H. Thompson 

I wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderfully helpful Calc 1 class last night. I have many sellers asking more for their parks than can be justified by their earnings and many with the problem of large underlying mortgage debt. I can see now how to get them their high selling price with low interest/long amortization or convince them to lower the price and earn more in interest. By knowing where to go to look for investors in partial notes, I can also solve a lot of those underlying mortgage problems. That was a lot of forward progress from one class. I need to master the mechanics and become more aware of the possibilities, but I’m very excited about the whole note business. In fact, I’ve decided to go in big. I’ve bought a domain and web site. I’m getting business cards and putting my marketing materials together. I have what I think are big opportunities to grow this business, so I want to roll out looking professional and solid. It will be a little like a Hollywood Western set, but working with you will help me get off to a fast start and my clients will be well served. I’m looking forward to the class on Trusts tonight. Thanks again.”


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