Owner Financing Club Benefits

  • One 30-minute private consultation each month— get specific help with a real estate or note transaction you’re working on, or with general questions you have about owner financing and notes.
  • Monthly virtual club meetingsevery 3rd Monday is dedicated to a special guest interview so we keep learning from other professionals with relevant expertise. Look over our shoulders once a month as we discuss real life owner financing transactions and/or note deals, and get the inside scoop as I tease valuable personal and professional insights from our featured guests. Recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Monthly transaction review & calculator practice — on the 1st Thursday of every month, there is a Transaction Review webinar where we go over 1-2 note and/or owner financing deals that I’ve done recently, or ones that have been contributed by community members. Get insights as to why they worked, or why they fell apart… tune into the thinking and decision-making process. You’ll see exactly how I use my financial calculator to put these deals together. I have a phenomenal desktop calculator that makes it easy for me to share every step with you! Recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Virtual Coffee Chat (Q&A session) — on the last Saturday of every month, take advantage of an opportunity to call in and get specific help with deals you’re working on, or answers to questions you have, or just to socialize with me and other members over virtual coffee! Remember, we’ll be learning from each other and sharing our knowledge, experience and insights. We’re counting on you to participate! Recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Happy Hour in the Queendom — 3 times a year we will get together in the Southern California area so we can chat in person. These events may involve specific training, but mostly just give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding, go over transactions, and meet and greet other members of the community.  Attendance is free for members, and everyone covers their own beverage of choice 🙂
  • Call or email me with questions – obviously, it’s more efficient for me to assist people at our 3 regularly scheduled meetings, but sometimes, a deal comes up and you just need some quick support around how to write an offer, or you’re wondering if the note deal you just came across is a good one. This is a good time to use the 30 minutes of 1-on-1 you get each month, but if you’ve already used it, I’ll do my best to respond to your emails to the best of my ability.
  • Discounts to live events – members will receive discounts to live training events that they are interested in attending.
  • Market updates & bulletins– stay up to date with what’s happening in the note buying world, trends in real estate, and issues that affect owner financing. The market is changing fast all the time, and you need to be armed with as much information as possible to make good investment decisions, whether you’re buying property or paper.
  • Members-only blog posts, including downloadable documents– there’s a lot you can learn from searching my Note Queen blog… I give away a lot of good information for free, AND… the blog posts available to members of Owner Financing Club will provide even more in-depth material, and sometimes include the actual documents that I use to put my deals together, so you can start building your own archive of forms.
  • Links to trusted resources that will help you along the way as you learn to navigate the world of alternative financing and notes. Find out what news feeds I’m following and who I count on for good advice.
  • Realtors –  be on my list to receive referrals for listings and sales when I have buyers or sellers in your area that want to work with professionals who understand owner financing (send me your info and the areas and types of property you cover)

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