Pumping Paper for Profit Home Study Course

PPP cover page- 72* Discover and Demystify Discounted Notes

* SUPERCHARGE your Retirement Portfolio

* Fix & Flip Paper (Notes) or Buy & Hold for Passive Income

(even if you have little or none of your own money!)

* Property Owners: Carry Paper & Walk with Cash

* Buyers Wanting Owner Financing: Notes Help you Get a “Yes”

Join me for some empowering education and fun as we add several tools to our toolbox that will allow us to close more deals and make more money. We do not have to be at the mercy of “the market”.  This manual is the foundation for the video training hosted online that will round out and deepen your knowledge and skill sets.

Understanding the discounted note business will change your life whether you buy and sell Property or Paper or both.


(Attend all live events for FREE, and get membership in Owner Financing Club FREE for 1 year with purchase)


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Here’s what you have access to when you join the Owner Financing Club community:

  • Initial 45-minute one-on-one consultation– I look forward to meeting you and getting to know how we can help each other.  Perhaps you’re looking for help with a transaction you’re working on, or you may have general questions about owner financing and the discounted note business, or would just like some guidance about finding your niche in the business. (A 45-minute session is valued at $175)
  • “Seller Financing on Steroids”: you’ll receive a complimentary copy of my book  “Seller Financing on Steroids“ (a $14.97 value), as a free download as soon as you register.
  • Professional Note Appraisal Course:  access to the complete Professional Note Appraisal Course (a $99 value), including videos and appraisal templates. A high-powered attorney helped me put these forms together when we were defending a $10,000,000 note portfolio from the IRS!
  • Pumping Paper for Profits:  the digital version of my home study course, “Pumping Paper for Profits”.
  • Monthly virtual Club Meetings  — every 3rd Monday is dedicated to a special guest interview so we keep learning from other professionals with relevant expertise.  Look over our shoulders once a month as we discuss real life owner financing transactions and/or note deals, and get the inside scoop as I tease valuable personal and professional insights from our featured guests.  Webinar recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Monthly Transaction Review & Calculator Practice — on the first Thursday of every month, there is a Transaction Review webinar where we go over 1-2 note and/or owner financing deals that I’ve done recently, or ones that have been contributed by community members.  Get insights as to why they worked, or why they fell apart… tune into the thinking and decision-making process.  You’ll see exactly how I use my financial calculator to put these deals together.  I have a phenomenal desktop calculator that makes it easy for me to share every step with you!  Webinar recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Virtual Happy Hour (Q&A) – on the second Wednesday of every month, we’ll have a telephone call that is dedicated to training and Q&A for members only. Remember, we’ll be learning from each other and sharing our knowledge, experience and insights. This will definitely help fast track your learning.  Recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Virtual Coffee (Q&A open session) — on the last Saturday of every month, take advantage of an opportunity to call in and get specific help with deals you’re working on, or answers to questions you have, or just to socialize over virtual coffee!  This call is open to non-members as well as members.  Recorded and hosted on the site.
  • Happy Hour in the Queendom — 3 times a year we will get together in the Southern California area so we can chat in person.  These events may involve specific training, but mostly just give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding, go over transactions, and meet and greet other members of the community.  Each member can attend for free. Non-members pay $10 – $20 at the door, depending on the venue.
  • Document Library  There is a DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD CENTRAL page now live on the site for all the forms you’ll need to put your own owner financing and note transactions together.
  • Get comfortable with your Financial Calculator  There is a FINANCIAL CALCULATOR SERIES: a continually growing compilation of training videos that will take you from not knowing a thing about the financial calculator, to being able to comfortably and confidently evaluate any deal that comes across your desk.
  • Discounts – members get discounts to live training events, special online mini-courses that will be taught throughout the year, and in-depth one-on-one deal review consultations. If you bought the home study course for $497, then you attend all live events for free.
  • Market updates & bulletins– stay up to date with what’s happening in the note buying world, trends in real estate, and issues that affect owner financing.
  • Links to trusted resources that will help you along the way as you learn to navigate the world of alternative financing and notes.  Find out what news feeds I’m following and who I count on for good advice.
  • Realtors, you’ll be on my list to receive referrals for listings and sales when I have buyers or sellers in your area that want to work with professionals who understand owner financing (send me your info and the areas and types of property you cover)
  • COMING SOON… I am working on integrating a forum/social networking platform that will allow all of us to connect in ways that are clunky at the moment. You will be able to access the private forum, create relationships with others in the community, learn from what has worked for others, share what you know and ideally, do some deals together! This community will become what we make of it. I invite you to help me and the other members create something bigger than what any of us could pull off on our own.