Thank You for Becoming our Strategic Partner

Dawn RickabaughWe’re glad to have you on board!  We look forward to your help in getting this important message out to as many people as possible.

Check your email for instructions on how to get started.  You should find a unique URL (link) that you can give to people who you think would be interested in the products we have here.

When they use your link to get to our website, you will get 50% of whatever they spend on our signature products:

  • Seller Financing on Steroids ebook
  • Owner Financing Club – membership and training
  • Note Appraisal Training Course
  • Owner Financing for Realtors
  • Why Notes, Why Now… and How?

I look forward to prospering together with you!  The system will remember the computers of everyone you send to us.  Even if they come back several months later to buy something, you’ll get credit for it.

To your success,