The Way I Work With Other Note Brokers

Many times when people are new in the note business, they can benefit greatly from working with people who have more experience. Unfortunately, these transactions often end up requiring a lot of my time, and rarely close.  That’s why I don’t often work with people new to the business unless they are part of my community.

If you’re a seasoned broker looking for more buyers, then please request a phone appointment by emailing me with an introduction and a contact number. I very rarely do business with people I haven’t spoken with by phone. This business is about relationships, so blindly submitting a note deal without any personal contact doesn’t get you very far.

I am much more accessible to “Citizens of the Realm” (Owner Financing & Notes).  They’ve invested with me, so I invest in them, and it works. After they’ve gone through the training materials, and have the benefit of live continuing education each month, things generally flow a lot more smoothly, and our chances of closing deals together greatly increases.

So if you’re new in the note business and could use a little extra support, you may want to think seriously about joining us here in “the Queendom.”

To your success,



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