Welcome to the Note Queen’s Seller Financing Decision Making Guide!

After hours and hours of communicating with people by phone and email, I discovered that one of the biggest problems they have is narrowing down all the different options available to them and choosing the one that best fits their individual situation.

While some people will still want (and need) to hire me, (to make sure that they really have all the bases covered), many will be able to navigate their situation and engineer their own solution just by going through this decision making guide.

This is guide is for people who need a little help, but don’t want to pay for a professional consultation.

Creative strategies you won’t find me promoting in this guide:

  • Lease Option (L/O)
  • Contract for Deed (CFD)
  • The “Wrap” or All Inclusive Deed of Trust (AITD)
  • The Equity Share (ES)

To find out why, read about the various risks of these seller financing strategies.

I will only guide my clients towards seller financing strategies (and strategies and help defer capital gains) that combine the best possible benefits with the highest degree of safety.

These include:

  • The installment sale, with strong and intelligent underwriting (this is the typical seller carry back with note and deed of trust)
  • The Title Holding (Land) Trust
  • The 1031 exchange
  • The Deferred Sales Trust

All of these strategies also have the added benefit of helping you defer capital gains, although only the first 2 (installment sale & title holding trust) are true seller financing strategies.

So, let’s get started!

And it’s going to start basic, basic, because a lot of people have a hard time just deciding if they should keep their property or try to sell it in today’s market.

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