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A Few Comments About Non Performing Bank Notes / Paper (NPNs)

There are a lot of people buying non-performing bank notes hand over fist. I don’t happen to be one of them. My primary business model is to buy private performing first notes and deeds of trust (or mortgages). Many NPP (non performing paper) buyers are happy with 20% yields, and I can buy performing notes at those yields, so I prefer to keep my life simple.

And… there is no doubt that the volume of NPNs right now is high, and rising, so if you’re interested, find someone who has product that is willing to sell to you, and/or partner with you, and/or charge you for coaching/training on how to navigate this specialized territory: Don Madden, Rick Madden, Ellis San Jose, Gerald Lemoine, Gordon Moss and many others, I’m sure!  Google around.

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