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Can I Sell Lots of Properties With Owner Financing and Then Simultaneously Sell my Notes – What About Dodd Frank and the SAFE Act?

Many investors look to buy lots of short sales and/or REOs, but then want to re-sell them on the market using owner financing, but want to make sure they can sell off the note in whole or in part to recapitalize and keep liquidity going.

Many times Land Trusts can be a useful tool, and I suggest that all real estate investors understand how to use them and generate them for themselves:

Investors are also worried about SAFE Act, Dodd-Frank, etc. Check your state. Some states have made the federal guidelines more restrictive, some have not. You may need to hire an LMO (licensed mortgage originator) or become one to do volumes of owner carry back deals each year.

[To learn exactly how we are putting our owner financing and note transactions together (including calculator practice), or to get help with your own, become a part of the Owner Financing Club community]

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