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Abundance is Right Around the Corner

I’m not sure it’s really smart to post videos where I show up with morning face and bedhead, but I’ve never been one to have a keen sense of propriety.

It’s just that this is one of my favorite rituals of the whole year . . . and the timing’s great.  I’m sure Santa will be good to me, but Mother Nature always beats him to it.

Have any of you read Catherine Ponder?  It was kind of funny . . . I re-remembered her after talking to a real estate agent in Palm Springs that was trying to put a deal together for Ms. Ponder’s son.

In 1983 she published a book entitled, “Open Your Mind to Receive.”  On page 2, she recounts:

“A businesswoman was once despondent over financial conditions.  Her affairs continued to be out of order so she went to the beach and sat there all day and most of the night.  During that day on the beach, she realized that the grains of sand are countless on the beaches of the world. 

That night she looked up and realized that the stars in the heaven are also beyond counting.  She realized that the fish in the ocean lay so many eggs that if they all hatched, the waters would overflow over the lowlands.  She thought of how leaves on trees continue to multiply year in and year out.

She became so aware of the abundance of the universe that she finally said, ‘Yes!  The universe is lavish, abundant, extravagant, and it is all meant for my use and enjoyment!’  As she began to feel unified with universal abundance, her thinking changed from limitation to bounty, and her affairs quickly responded.”

As crazy as things may seem sometimes, most of us can find evidence of beauty and abundance that conspire to make us feel safe and overflowing even as cultural constructs are crumbling and reorganizing all around us.

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