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Crawling Out From Under a Rock . . .

Ever had so much to do you just shut down and do nothing?  I’ve kinda disappeared over the last month, but I’m almost feeling myself again, finally.  (It’s pretty lame when I can’t blog a couple times a week . . . if I had an SEO monitor he would definitely take away my hall pass).

After Noteworthy in San Diego, I was all inspired and excited and had lots of follow up planned, but *had* to go to Italy with my partner on another business trip (I know… boohoo).  Anyhow, the only notes I found in Italy read something like this, “Buon giorno, la bella signora” … flattering and wonderful, but hard to get my investors to buy 🙂

Now that I’m resurfacing, I’m ready to get back to buying notes and owner financed properties, and decide what else I’m going to do.

For one thing, this site is a little lost.  I need to reinvent it somehow.  There’s a lot of great info, but it really doesn’t know what it’s doing.  And I’m rethinking my consulting structure . . .

OK, enough of my ramblings.  Hoping you’re all having a warm and wonderful holiday season with all the good stuff: family, friends, good food, (a little) good wine, good health, hope, peace of mind and lots and lots of laughter.


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