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Adding a Shout to the Twist – Waking Up from the Illusion of How Money Works


Are we ready to wake up and use our big “outside” voices?  If you aren’t already on the track of understanding how our wealth, individually and collectively, has been intentionally and systematically highjacked, perhaps it’s time… it’s not that fun, but shining a light on the truth of what is happening is the first step towards healing.

Watch The Money Masters, and/or sign up for The Solari Report There are a lot of other sources of similar information, but this is a place to start.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately on this blog… doing a lot of studying, thinking, and emotionally and spiritually processing what all of this means to me… deciding what I believe in, what I want to stand for, how I’ll navigate my business and how I’ll counsel others that count on me for advice for maximizing and protecting both their real and paper assets in these uncertain times.

Money is about to get even tighter with the Fed’s latest move.  Private lenders and buyers of owner-financed paper are going to be increasingly necessary to provide liquidity in the real estate market.

When you start to realize what has happened to us over the last 98 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and you realize how money really works (hint: it’s not what we were taught in school) you’ll go through disbelief, denial, anger, bargaining and then probably spend some time in despair… until you’re ready for acceptance.

Out of acceptance, the clarity of the next step will have a chance to emerge.

Speaking of Operation Twist announced by our friend, Benny Boy (over at the Fed), Chris Mayer writes…

“It’s a plan so dumb you have to have to Ph.D. to believe it will do any good…” (at least this made me laugh)

Markets haven’t exactly liked it, have they?  The DOW is down a few hundred points, most of the big players are selling more than they’re buying, and I hear that trades betting against the S&P 5oo are at an all-time high… and congress is going on vacation without knowing how the government is going to continue to operate next month.  Good times, good times.

Most people should not have direct exposure to the stock market right now.  If you’ve still got regular equities, consider selling them… soon, yesterday or last year.

How is the average saver/investor supposed to protect what is left of their wealth, their money, their assets?

Doing nothing (hiding money under your mattress or in a 1% CD) has become even more risky than investing.  If you aren’t making at least 9% on your money (the current rate of inflation), then it’s disappearing while you sleep.

I happen to believe that investing in notes with lots of protective equity, secured by generously cash-flowing properties in strong, non-bubble, job-supporting markets, is one of the last bastions of growth and preservation of the wealth of the average investor.

Yes, many people want to own those cash-flowing properties and have them professionally managed.  But I’d rather hold the note secured by those assets at half the value of the property or less.  It’s simpler, easier, and I am hedged against further fluctuations in the prices of real estate and rents.

I want to be happy if the note performs, and happy if it doesn’t.

And… there are blended products that give you both

You can have hassle-free, safe, note-investment returns, plus a piece of the upside of the real asset that secures it.

For the record, here are my other sentiments…

  • Have some basic preparedness items on hand… food, water, etc.  You never know when even a random power outage could create craziness around you.  Plus, buying commodities (the things you need and use every day) at today’s prices is a hedge against future inflation
  • Start growing some of your own food, even if you’re only sprouting alfalfa and garbanzos.  Here in suburbia, our food markets and warehouses only have a 3-day supply of food.
  • Get backyard chickens (this could actually just be a reaction to “empty nest syndrome”… as the children left, I bought poultry.  You feed these goofy little birds for a few months, and they start laying eggs for your breakfast.  I fed four kids for 20 years, and never once did they lay me an egg… just sayin’)
  • Hold some physical gold and silver
  • Stay grounded in things that make you feel good and help you stay aware of how much abundance is around you right now… the gratitude game
  • Look into alternative and complimentary local economic systems that will support our communities.  The California Federation of Time Banks is holding their annual convention in Pasadena on Oct. 1st & 2nd.  We need to create a safety net for all the people who are falling through the cracks

OK, so that’s quite enough for one day…

Find more of my brilliant philosophizing and training segments over at Owner Financing Club (members’ only protected content), and if you want to invest in notes with me, please fill out this Note Investor’s form.

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