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Why Notes, Why Now… and How? (self-directed IRA)

Just a quick post to let you know that tomorrow’s Owner Financing Club meeting will be a webinar.  I wanted to have a better training format than the telephone conference call could provide, as I’ll be going over a recent note transaction… exactly how I closed it, so the process is demystified for people who think that buying a note is woowoo.

If you want to participate, REGISTER HERE.

[It costs $9.97 to participate… this is not a free webinar designed to up-sell you on an expensive product or seminar… there is specific training being provided that will be very helpful]

I think that notes are one of the few ways for the average passive investor to get solid and reasonably safe returns in a volatile, uncertain market where inflation is probably sitting at around 9%.

If you’re not making at least 9% on your money, it’s disappearing a little more every day. You just want to make sure you’re not risking a lot to get your 9%+… personally, I like to sleep at night.

Kaaren Hall, president of uDirect IRA Services will be my guest, and will help us understand how to use SDIRAs to buy notes, buy property, lend money, etc.

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