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Are You Saving to Invest in Your First Real Estate Note? These Come First

promissory note

Buying notes is NOT the best way for everyone to start their wealth building journey. For many, there are other things that should be in place first.

For someone who only has a little bit of money and needs it to go a long way, I’d say there are more potent positions to take right now that could potentially be life changing.

When someone approaches me wanting to invest in notes, I usually run them through a few questions:

  • Does the money you want to invest in notes with me represent 50% or less of your liquid investment capital that you would NEVER need for day-to-day living?
  • Do you have at least 4 months’ worth of cash for emergency purposes? Some in the bank, some out of the bank?
  • Could you and your family comfortably survive if you could NOT go to the store (or order anything from Amazon) for a month or more?
  • Do you have at least 6 months’ worth of food and water storage, water filtration devices, medicines, protection, heat, light, communication other than cell and internet?
  • Do you have some precious metals? Some in your physical possession, some in a Roth IRA?
  • Do you have at least a small position in crypto? If you think it’s all nonsense, I have a news flash for you… EVERYTHING will be on the blockchain a few short years from now. You actually don’t get to choose whether or not you participate in cryptos on the blockchain. You only get to choose which ones.

Do you want your only digital assets to be the centralized CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) that is hurtling down the pipeline at us in the shadows? Or would it make sense to also have some exposure to decentralized projects that can help you maintain your sovereignty?

Dollar cost averaging into the good projects over the next 4-6 months might be the last chance that normal people of modest means can enter the crypto market for extraordinary gains over the next 5-10 years.

If you have some crypto, have you taken self custody? I never leave my assets on an exchange… even solid ones. I quickly move my tokens/coins to a hard wallet that is not connected to the internet. I also have a Roth IRA with iTrust Capital.

See the livestream I did on these topics: NQ Capital, Inc. YouTube

Here is a link to a: PREPAREDNESS PAGE

Remember… THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!! I’m only sharing what I have personally done. I do not suggest that you do what I have done. I just want you to be exposed to ideas that may help you craft a course of action (or not) that is right for you in your own unique set of circumstances. If you need some hand holding, book a…

Prep, Metals & Crypto

In this private, 60-minute session we will discuss how preparedness, crypto and precious metals might fit into your individual investment thesis, and help you get started by providing concrete actions to take.

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