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On the Hunt for Pregnant Properties

When you work so hard to generate leads, why settle for only getting paid once? If you’re just buying a house to live in, why not ask for seller financing and build in an opportunity to get your own home at a massive discount? Sellers don’t know they will carry unless you present them with an offer and know how to explain it to them.

Understanding the discounted market for notes when buying property allowed me to:

  • Buy my own home at great price and terms… just 15% down at 3.5% for 30 years
  • Then buy my own note (do a short refinance) a year later when the note seller decided to sell the note
  • That saved me $105,000… so I literally got into this property for $105,000 less than I paid for it, which was already a good deal
  • Because I had a First Right of Refusal to buy the note

When you realize how much money you can make or save by understanding ‘The Dance Between Property & Paper’, you know can’t afford NOT to spend some time and money learning about this niche, or hire someone who’s been down the road a stretch and have them hold your hand and look over your shoulder.

That’s why I’m here for you in any way I can. I love this space. Here are ways to engage with me so I can help you get where you’re going and faster:

  1. Free Resources on this website and a free live Zoom trainings once a month: Property & Paper Live, that you will be invited to if you have submitted your email
  2. Patreon Property & Paper Membership
  3. Need some 1-on-1 time? You can Schedule a Personal Session with me.

Now go out there and create financial solutions just one Mom ‘n Pop to another 😉

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