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Blog Talk Radio: The Attitude Shift – How We Interpret our Real Estate Transactions

I have known people who have died over the stress of dealing with real stressedestate transactions gone south.  Our real estate transactions, our credit scores and our other financial dealings represent so much to us… sometimes it can cost us our lives.

I think this represents a fundamental issue with who we perceive ourselves to be.  I totally understand relating to my bank account like it was the only measure of my personal worth… or the equity in my real estate portfolio.

If things went well, I felt smart.  If things went sideways, I felt like a failure.

This Wednesday, April 27th at 7:30pm Pacific/10pm Eastern, I’ll be on The Attitude Shift on Blog Talk Radio.

Yes, I’m into empowering buyers, sellers and real estate professionals with the knowledge they need to maximize results in this crazy economy without asking banks for permission…This time, I’m going to be talking more about how we frame these things into the fabric of our personal lives from a psychological (and spiritual) perspective.If you can join in the conversation, please do.  I think there’s a number you can call to ask questions or make comments during the live show.To your success always,


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