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Launching Owner Financing Club…


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It’s been been quite an evolution over the last year. There’s more to be added, but for now, I’m excited just to get started with what I feel is going to be a very educational and supportive community.  Click on the image below to check out what I’ve got in mind and the benefits and opportunities you can expect…

OFC snapshot

So… here’s what Owner Financing Club is about so far:

  • Monthly training, transaction review, & FAQ phone meetingslook over my shoulder once a month as we discuss real life owner financing transactions and/or note deals.  [Henry Dvorken, an icon in the note business, will be my guest on Tuesday May 3rd, and he’ll be giving away free contracts to everyone on the call.]
  • Market updates & bulletins– stay up to date with what’s happening in the note buying world, trends in real estate, and issues that affect owner financing.
  • Privileged, members-only blog posts– there’s a lot you can learn from searching my Note Queen blog, AND… the blog posts available to members of Owner Financing Club will provide even more in-depth material.
  • Discounts on training modules & special classes
  • Links to trusted resources that will help you along the way as you learn to navigate the world of alternative financing and notes
  • Realtors, you’ll be on my list to receive referrals for listings and sales when I have buyers or sellers in your area that want to work with professionals who understand owner financing.

See you around the Queendom! 🙂


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