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Investor to Investor Owner Carry with Note Sale = 73% ROI


The point I’m trying to make with this video is that real estate investors who focus on wholesaling, and/or buy-and-hold cash flow strategies can greatly benefit from understanding how owner financing (with the subsequent sale of all or part of the real estate note created) can often greatly accelerate profits.

Just wanting to give investors out there a few more options to choose from, and in the process, create more notes I can buy 🙂  These strategies are not something I’ve talked about before.  They don’t actually reflect the old school version of the note business… new things are evolving in this market.

Diversifying your investment strategies can be an intelligent hedge against unforeseeables in the marketplace.

The complete 23-minute training video is hosted at Owner Financing Club, and will help you evaluate the ROI in various investment situations, with and without the use of owner financing.


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