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Land Trust for Safe Owner Carry on a 4-Plex

Virtual Coffee Q&A Call – May 2016

Tom from Wyoming started us off. He is selling two 4-plexes he owns free and clear to some friends and thinks he should be using a land trust… I agree. Selling price is $450,000, and he is only taking $10,000 down and leaving a lot of passive income on the table for the new owners. He is glad to do this because it is a fabulous strategy that provides nice income for retirement… he gets to defer capital gains, make a whole lot more than the bank would pay him on deposits, and by using the trust, he won’t have to foreclosure if his friends fall on a hard times and can’t make the monthly payment. That tightens up the underwriting, reducing the risk substantially.

There are several good land trust courses out there that include forms and documents. The guy who taught me and still supports me around any questions I have is Randy Hughes, and I suggested Tom check into his products and services. Randy’s basic land trust course is included with Premium membership to the OFC community, so if you plan on engaging regularly with these topics, you should consider joining us here and get a lot of bang for your buck.

David from Houston has started flipping houses, but wants to explore ways he could add owner financing and notes into his repertoire of investment strategies, especially what might make sense inside of his self-directed IRA. We talked about how he could sell with owner carry terms, perhaps adding a small premium for being willing to offer the financing, and then sell off a front-end partial to a co-investor to give him the capital to go out and do another deal. This would easily give him double digit returns on his retirement dollars.

Once you start down the path of learning about owner financing and the secondary market for notes, you’ll never go back… you’ll be hooked, twisted beyond all recognition… there will be no end of ways you can put deals together for the benefit of yourself and others. Adding these tools to your tool belt makes you a MUCH better problem solver, and it’s a lot of fun. Consider joining us on the island of misfit toys… we’re all a little bit odd.

Thanks, again, for participating in this wonderful world of owner financing and notes. Now go out there and do your part to create financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another 😉

My best,


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